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[Archive] - Some Musical Directorial Suggestions from 1981


  1. Punctuality. The best way to ensure that rehearsals start on time is to make a point of arriving at least five minutes early. Remember that there are stands and chairs to arrange before we can commence.
  2. Be patient and listen when the band is stopped to rectify faults. A point directed at one section of the band will often have some relevance to other sections at that or some other place in the piece
  3. Criticism is the prerogative of the conductor and no-one else. When a player is trying his/her best to conquer a difficulty your encouragement is absolutely essential.
  4. Regular Practice of the music in the folder is absolutely essential. Other aspects of practice are also necessary to develop and maintain a good technique. No-one has unlimited time for practice so do not waste it by playing simple things. Always concentrate on the things you find difficult.


It is not always what we do but how we do it that counts. It is important that we are seen to enjoy playing in public but at the same time we must remember that the band's deportment, appearance and total demeanor is part of the show - even if no-one appears to be watching or listening.

This summer we will be operating a system of 'half programmes' and the ones for an engagement will be chosen in advance. This system will only work if everyone indicates non-availability or possible non-availability in plenty of time on the notice board.
  1. Do arrive with your music in order in the folder.
  2. When on 'stage' no talking during pieces, smoking or drinking. There will be intervals for gossip, rest, or refreshment.
  3. If a piece does go badly do not give the audience any indication that it has.
  4. Should there be confusion at a fete etc. which is no fault of-the band accept this with good will and leave it to one of the committee to sort things out. The organizers of these events are very often working against the odds and any sympathy and understanding is appreciated and can only do the band's reputation good.
From the band's point of view it is important that all members attend rehearsals as regularly as family and other commitments will allow. It is particularly important that the leaders of the various sections and the players of the one off instruments set a high standard in this respect. If there are going to be any problems for these players in keeping up this sort of attendance it is to be hoped that the member will express a willingness to step down to a less prominent position without any need for prompting.