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[Archive] - Visitors' Comments [1996-2004]

24 May 2004
Markus, Mühldorf, Germany
Website: Blaskapelle Altmühldorf e.V.
I'm a great fan of UK brass bands. It is totally different from the kind of music we normally play in Bavaria. We play only with about 12-16 musicians however, with clarinets and flutes supports. Greetings from Bavaria (near Munich)
27 August 2003
Miles J. Turnbull, Northumberland
Website: Greggs Bakery Band
I enjoyed visiting your site, it is well made, someone's put a lot of work in! Greetings from Greggs Bakery Band.
21 July 2003
Jennie Roberts
I just wanted to say thank you very much to everyone in the band for letting me join you again over the summer. I had an absolutely brilliant time. It was great to see you all and be a small part of the band again. I'll look forward to seeing everyone in 2004 and wish you all the best of luck for the year to come. thanks, Jennie
21 June 2003
Angela Robson
Hiya Everyone...
Looks like you've been very busy recently! Love the pictures of you all in WW1 uniform. Hope everything went well and i'm looking forward to seeing in on TV. Hope everyone is well and still having fun. I'll try to get up in the summer to see you again, and hopefully have a blow!
Love Angela xx
25 April 2003
Peter Meurer, Koblenz, Germany
Website: Postmusikkapelle Koblenz
Greetings from Germany to all in the band. I've listened to your concerts in Bad Ems and Bad Schwalbach and i have to admit that i was very impressed by your performance, especially the soloist did a good job. Special thanks to Lyndsey Gall because of her "funny" sounding comments on each piece. I hope you enjoyed the tour and had a good time in Germany!
3rd December 2002
Sian Carradus, Blackpool, Lancs
Website: Besses o' th' Barn Band
Hello. I play the flugel for Besses. The reason I am writing is because my boyfriend depped for your band once. I can't quite remember where or when it was but I remember it was your band. Anyway, nice website. If you fancy a laugh at photos, visit us! Love, Sian Carradus (flugel) and Clive Dickinson (Sop and Bb Cornet at the mo!)
14th September 2002
Angela Robson, Norfolk
Hello everyone! I hope everything is going to plan for the finals next weekend. I just wanted to wish you all luck... not that you'll need it! I wish i could be there doing it with you. I'll be thinking of you. Have a beer (or 5) for me in the bar afterwards... and remind Keith not to try to take clocks from the walls!! Love Angela xx
4th August 2002
David Lancaster, Kings Road, Harrogate
Website: Harrogate Band
I'd like to congratulate Gavin (webmaster) and his family on their stupendous victory in the Band's Treasure Hunt held yesterday around the streets of Harrogate. I noticed that the website has not yet been updated with this important news - due, no doubt, to Gavin's modesty - but I felt most strongly that the world should know of his famous victory.
3rd August 2002
Kelly John Wilson, Wallumbilla, QLD Australia
I really enjoyed your website, it was great and the recordings of the band is also great. this might have been the first brass band that I've come accross that has an tuba, the best instument that was invented, I'm a tuba player myself. I love the bass in the recordings and the enthusiasm that is in them, well put together.
1st May 2002
Rod Carter, Geelong, Australia
Website: Geelong West Brass Band
Hi there folks terific web site and congrats to the people who play, your MD and all associated with the band. You are great! I am looking forward to seing you on 'Heartbeat' as we are a little behind you in the series over here in Australia. I play 2nd cornet in the Geelong West Brass Band here in Australia - my dad plays the same in the Gosport Silver Band over there in England and we both love our band music and listening to a brilliant band . Congrats to you all again. Kind regards from Rod.
1st April 2002
Phil Smith
Just been on your website and seen your result for the areas! Congratulations and what an amazing achievement for the band over the last few years. I don't think I've ever known a band do so well. Congratulations to you all.
28th March 2002
Heather Smyth, Crewe, Cheshire
Website: The United Co-op Band (Crewe)
Congratulations on your good result in the areas. All the best for the finals in Torquay.
19th March 2002
Joolz, Luton
Website: Luton Band
Just noticed......2nd must be well chuffed !!!! We made 13th !!!!....but with only 20 players, I wonder how we would have done with a full compliment??? On the plus side, we've been doing our sums and it looks like we stay up as of right...which is what we wanted to's not confirmed yet but it looks good, I'll keep you posted. Anyway, congratulations again....good luck in Torquay.
19th March 2002
Leighton Rich, Hampshire
Website: Hampshire County Youth Band
Many congrats. on qualifying for the National Finals. Great news.
19th March 2002
David Wakeley, Kirbymoorside
Website: Kirkbymoorside Town Brass Band
Well done, you sounded great.
18th March 2002
Martin Berzins
Website: Yeovil Town Band
Congratulations. Well done to all at Harrogate. When you visit the West Country, we may be able to assist you with a rehearsal room. After all, one good turn, etc. Hear from you soon.
18th March 2002
Colin Hardy
Congratulations, at least before you get promoted you do get to go to the National Finals again, who knows given the right piece you might go again next year also, you do have a better chance than we do down here. Well done and pass on my congratulations to the band.
17th March 2002
Claire McVicar, The Netherlands
Have just checked the results on BBW and I must say I wasn't the least bit surprised to see what a brilliant job you'd all done again! Congratulations to you all and hope the hangovers aren't too bad. Championship section had better watch out! Might even get to see you all in Torquay later on as you will be down in my neck of the woods!
Claire, Jamie, Iona and Bump McVicar
15th March 2002
Catherine Hannaway
To All in the Harrogate Band. Just a quick note with our good wishes for the competition this weekend. John always chose to spend his birthday weekend sitting through hours of band music rather than partying at home, so along with our thoughts I'm sure his will be with you. I really enjoyed the concert at St Peters Church last week. The music sounded fantastic. Good Luck and Best Wishes, Joan Hallums and all the Hannaways
8th March 2002
Ian, Flookburgh Band
Wishing the band best of luck next week at Darlington
8th March 2002
Trace Osborne - Cornwall (JAG Mount Charles Band)
Website: JAG Mount Charles Band
Great website. I hear you guys (and gals) are tipped for top section next year. Best of luck for 2002. Keep up the success!!!
25th February 2002
Heather Smyth, Crewe, Cheshire
Website: The United Co-op Band (Crewe)
Just want to wish you all the best for the Area Contest. Good Luck.
24th January 2002
Helen Kinder, Rugby
Hiya! Great website, I love the photo of your MD, but then it's hardly surprising that he's pictured with girls and beer. I met him at BBSS so have seen him in similar state of drunkenness. Say hi from me, hope all your contests go well etc.
7th January 2002
Bart Brady Ciampa, Ridgefield, Washington, USA
What a wonderful website!! Congratulations on your excellent performances. My daughter and her family live in Harrogate and we visit at least once per year for several weeks. Being a trumpet/Cornet/flugelhorn player, (see my music website at:, I'm hoping that on one of our visits I'll be able to enjoy a live performance of your band. My very best wishes to you for continued success!!
23 December 2001
Roddy o-iii<O , UK
Website: Roddy o-iii<O "chop fixer web site"
Haahhahahahah!!---I love the infringements page you guys!!! especially the one that goes....... "Trying to out-screech the lead player at the last chord" ...Nice site!!!! Rgds. Roddy o-iii<O
13th November 2001
Hadrian Walters
Website: Tewkesbury Town Band
Hi there! We regularly visit your site and think it's the most informative and useful brass band site on the net.
13th October 2001
Banda 4 giugno 1859, Milan, Italy
Website: Banda 4 giugno 1859
Hallo from Italy the your website is very wonderful. ciao da Italia
12th October 2001
Helen Varley , Salford
Website: Elland Silver Band
Hi David & Liz and everyone at the Harrogate Band. What a great website! Hope you are well. I've now officially left Elland Silver band having started at Salford University, but I hope that even now I'm a poor student I'll still save up enough money to make it back to Bromsgrove again next year! Saw the article about the band in the Bandsman, keep up the good work! Helen
2nd October 2001
Paul Jarrett
Dear David, Just a word of thanks from me for your support and help on Sunday at the Rotary Conference. Having a good musical section was a god-send and your contribution to the service was much appreciated by everyone. As someone who knows Salvation Army Bands - I take my hat off to the Harrogate Band - superb - may you go from strength to strength.
30th September 2001
Ian, Cumbria
Listened to you down at Preston, we all think adjudicators are against us, but I think Philip McCann's comments were excellent. These were the national finals and the reality is they have to pick the national champions as in the best in that section although I didn't agree with the winners they both picked. We all live to fight another day and it must have been a terrible journey back home. Good test piece for the area were down a section this year did you get promoted to the championship section??? - if not we will fight to be area champions - good luck!!
24th September 2001
Heather Smyth, Crewe
Website: The United Co-op Band (Crewe)
Hope you're not too disheartened at the result yesterday. We were all pretty sick at our result (8th) as we felt we had played really well but I'm not sure what the 2 men in the box wanted...I was certainly surprised at the result after listening to most of the bands myself!! I suppose its all part of the joy (!!) of contesting. All the best for the future and lots of LUCK!!
21st September 2001
David Pattinson, Durham
Website: Broughtons Brass Band
Best wishes to all at the Harrogate band from Broughtons Hopefully we can both put the North East Area on the map.
21st September 2001
Jerry Christensen, Anoka, Minnesota, USA
Website: Lake Wobegon Brass Band
Hello from Minnesota, USA. I have enjoyed exploring your web site. Thank you.
20th September
National Finals - Wishing you all the very best of luck and success at Preston. We shall be willing you on for a victory. George and the members of Godalming Band.
20th September 2001
Kate Chisholm, BT Brass Band
Good luck to you all at the Nationals!
20th September 2001
Jane Lewis, Swindon
Website: Swindon Festival of Brass
Excellent Website, very informative and well designed.
19th September 2001
Stephanie Fletcher, Bristol
Website: Thornbury Band
Just another message to say good luck to the Harrogate Band - and to ask if you'll be bringing your own foliage this year, or whether you're going to be acquiring some from another pub?! See you Sunday!
11th September
Heather Smyth, Crewe
Website: The United Co-op Band (Crewe)
Just browsing and found your website. Specially interesting as I see you are competing against us at the Finals in Preston. Hope its going well. You seem to be very successful. Good Luck to you... but I hope you come 2nd... behind us......sorry!!!!!
22nd August 2001
Mario Ellul, Malta
Website: L'Unione Philharmonic Society
Keep it up ...
21st August 2001
Dave Brown, Switzerland/Egypt/Ibiza....
I would like to thank you for an excellent site. I have been trying to track down my old bands for weeks, and now I have found all the information and much more on your site. I have recently left Bradwell Silver Band in Milton Keynes, and previous to this played with Ampthill, Woburn Sands, Brancepeth Band and Heath & Reach. All of which I found information on your site. All the very best for the future. KEEP WINNING!
18th August 2001
Saviour Tabone, Victoria, Gozo, Malta
I have come across your site, which I must say, it's very good and well organized. Keep up the good work. I play with the Leone Band, of Victoria, Gozo. Again, keep up the good work.
7th August 2001
James McFadyen, Fife, Scotland
Great site for links!!!!! Seriously, a great, site all round!!!
5th August 2001
Rachel Higginson, Brigham, Cumbria
So sorry to hear that Ron has passed away. I remember him well, especially when he had me convinced that a mouse lived in his trombone mute! My sympathies to his family.
26th July 2001
Dave Cole, Carpetland
Hi! Pleased to see you are keeping up the good work. I miss you all so very much & haven't brought myself to join a band down here as I'm sure it can only be an anti-climax after playing with a real band for so many years. All the very best for Preston! 5% luck & 95% hard work to obtain a good result. I'll be there to cheer you on.
1st July 2001
Bob Jones, Houston, Texas
A Fond Hello! I am a member of the bass section of the Houston Choral Society. (You may have noticed me as an older fellow with a gray beard, portly figure, and a glorious black eye--from falling out of my crib-sized bed our first night in London!) I wanted to ask you to pass the word along to your fellows about the joyful experience of our appearing with the Harrogate Band--and a truly fine band it is--in the Ripon Cathedral on June 5th. We stood in awe and wonder at the sights and sonics of the cathedral, our hearts were touched by the warm and appreciative members of the audience, and our spirits were uplifted and gladdened by the musicianship of the band. Altogether, it made for a wonderful evening of music-making, and added so much to the store of fond memories with which we returned to Texas.
In reading your web page information I discovered the "winning streak" the band is enjoying in the competitions you enter so frequently. Bravo! Now that I know how to find you on the web, I plan to continue to follow your activities in the future. Best of luck in all you do, and do continue to make wonderful music. Fine bands are as scarce as hen's teeth!
Sincerely, Bob Jones
25th June 2001
Rachel Higginson, Newcastle
Hope all is well with you, just wanted to let you know I am now officially a dentist and passed with a merit in Restorative Dentistry! Mum and Dad are exceptionally proud! Not bad for someone who was once the smallest and cutest cash collector for the band back in the early 80s! All the best for the future, Dr. Rachel!
13th June 2001
Keaton Roebuck, West Yorkshire
Website: Frickley & South Elmsall Brass Band
Join us for a pint afterwards
24th May 2001
Steve Sherrill, Atlanta
Website: Georgia Brass
Hello and thank you again for your friendliness and hospitality. I'm back in the US now with fond memories of my visit to you rehearsal last Sunday. It was an exciting experience for me and my parents - we enjoyed it very much. You can see our band's web site at
9th May 2001
Bert the Bandsman, Harborough
Website: Harborough Band
Excellent site & very useful. Please visit Bert the Bandsman for light relief from contesting!
6th May 2001
Jantine Weidenaar, Netherlands
Website: Muziekvereniging Euphonia Wommels
Hi there how are you doing? don't watch my language because I'm from holland and I'm 15 years old, I will try to write as good as possible. I have checked out your site and it seems to me that your a big happy family. I don't understand everything of your site, but that doesn't matter to me. Maybe you can checkout our site: we are a wind orchestra (I think that's the name in English, but I don't know for sure). You can contact us if you click on "reactie" or "reageren". Maybe you can give us some useful advice. I also play in the frisian youth orchestra: That's also very nice. I hope we'll hear from you guys soon.
28th April 2001
Matt Fearn, Leeds West Hunslet SA Band
Website: Smithills School Brass Band & Leeds West Hunslet SA Band
Great site, I hear you are a great band, well that's what's Carrie says. I wish you all well in the future. I may be tempted one practice night to come and check you out, if that's alright and also bring my cornet. See you all around, Matt Fearn
27th March 2001
Phil Smith
Website: Cantium Brass
Just been looking at the website only to find out that you won! Well done, especially for the bass section triumph! We also won our areas in the 3rd section which means promotion for us as we came 2nd last year. Please send my congratulations and best wishes to the rest of the band. Regards, Phil Smith
26th March 2001
Bill Warren, Illinois State University, Illinois, USA
Hello everyone! As a tenor horn player in the US, I get quite a lot of criticism. No one here seems to appreciate the tenor as much as the "french" horn. It's nice to be able to visit brass bands on the internet while I can't visit them in real life. To Harrogate Band: Keep making beautiful music! It's loved worldwide!
24th March 2001
Ian Howe, Risca, South Wales
Website: Rogerstone Band
WOW What a big improvement on the site "Well done" very informative. Nice looking too. As the appointed webmaster for the Rogerstone Band I'm trying to (and open to suggestions) on how to improve our own site (Do you use Macromedias Dreamweaver/Flash). Anyway I must say that you must now have the best brass band website on the net. I myself also play for the Rogerstone Band and presently try to play 1st Baritone LOL, of which at present is preparing for a contest in Swansea, where our contest piece is the Undaunted. Hope you do well in your forthcoming Contests, Keep up the good work. Ian
22nd March 2001
Matt Williams, Hetton, Tyne and Wear
Just to say hello, fab website and congratulations for your success at Darlington 2001 Northern Area contest.
Matt Williams (Bb Bass player. Broughton's Brass Band)
22nd March 2001
Peter Dalby
Congratulations. Keep it up. RAH must be on the agenda. All the best to all. Best wishes, Peter D.
22nd March 2001
Holly Garrett, London
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I have only just heard (obviously my brother doesn't speak to me!) I hope you all made your mark on Darlington for another year... who won at pool? Anyway, excellent work - keep it up - shame I wasn't there to share the beer with you.... Things in London are going fine - yesterday I was organising a seminar on digital art at Tate Modern !!(oo-er). love Holly, ex Principal Trombone, Harrogate Band
21st March 2001
Paul Stamp, Nestle Rowntree Band, York
Congratulations to all the band on winning the first section area. Having heard the band play so well I can only say you deserved it Best wishes.
21st March 2001
Sam Kind, York
I'd just like to add my congratulations on your win on Saturday. Having heard you play, you certainly were the best band on the day, and deserve to be leading the North of England charge at Preston. Good luck.
20th March 2001
Simon Wood
Top banana well done.
20th March 2001
Leighton Rich, Winchester, Hampshire
It's only from reading the messages that I found out about your great win on the weekend. Many congratulations. It's good to read the results before the British Bandsman arrives. I will be at the South of England contest on 31 March in the 1st Section with Ocean Brass. Hope to see you at the Finals. Best wishes to the band members and again well done Harrogate.
20th March 2001
Rachel Higginson, Newcastle upon Tyne
Congratulations yet again!!! Do you think you could stop winning for a while so I don't have to send messages like this all the time! Sorry I couldn't be with you for the concert but my parents loved it. I was too busy revising for Finals (just topped the year in a mock exam so it was worth staying at home for once!) Will try and pop down to see you all when I am able to say "Call me Dr. Higginson BDS"!!!! All the best! Rachel
19th March 2001
Chris Bentham, Ever Ready & P/T MD Broughtons
Congratulations on your win. I heard every band on Saturday and fully agreed with the result. I knew at Broughtons we had left the door open. Lets make sure both bands do the area proud at Preston.
19th March 2001
Paul Field, Portishead, Bristol
Website: Portishead Town Band
Congratulations to David and the Band!!! 2 years in a row is no flook, so well done. Best wishes for more success in the rest of 2001.
19th March 2001
John Gill, Fishburn
Website: Fishburn Band
Congratulations on a brilliant win at the area contest on Sunday. To win the 2nd and 1st section contests in succession displays the hard work put in by all the Band. Best of luck at the finals, do the area proud! (see you in the Championship section next year!)
18th March 2001
Mary Hymas, Harrogate
Just to say CONGRATULATIONS on your splendid Harrogate Band win yesterday in Darlington.I am sure that a Musical Director is only as good as the sum of their parts (ie the players themselves) so to speak, but I think it is a tremendous feather in your cap to have taken Harrogate Band to the top of yesterday's competition. Please congratulate them all on my behalf. Best wishes for the next stage in September. Mary
18th March 2001
John Todd
Website: Kingdom Brass
David, Fantastic news ... well done to you and the band. Pass that one on to them from us. If you had a decent promotion system you would be up now, instead of having to wait !! I'll see you in a few weeks, remind me to get you a pint !
18th March 2001
Alan Morrison
Website: Alan Morrison
Well, surprise surprise!!!! Isn't it about time you let someone else win up there??? It must be getting boring now. I bet you didn't even celebrate this one, but then again, perhaps you did. Seriously, congtatulations on a fabulous result particularly considering it was the first year in the section. I suppose it's watch out Championship now. I remember Harrogate Band about 15 years ago when they were nearly a bit of a joke. What a transformation. Please pass my congratulations to all the band.
18th March 2001
Tabby Hall
Congrats on a great result. Exceedingly well deserved. Pass on our congratulations from me and all of the Yorkshire Co-op Brass Band.
18th March 2001
Jamie, Claire & Iona, The Netherlands
Just can't tell you how very pleased (and insanely jealous) we are to hear of your brilliant result at the Area. We're beaming from ear to ear. Finals again!!!! Hope the hangovers aren't too too bad !!
18th March 2001
Jenny Meadows, Driffield
Website: Aunt Bessies East Yorkshire Brass
I'd just like to congratulate the Harrogate band on winning the areas this year! I play Eb Bass for Aunt Bessies East Yorkshire Brass. I am only 15, this was my first contest and I had a great time. I think your site's pretty neat (better than ours). Anyway good luck in Preston - maybe we'll do better next year! From a bass playing Pudd!
16th March 2001
Jackie McLaughlin
Website: Clydebank Burgh Band
Congratulations on such a great website. Very enjoyable and entertaining.
27th February 2001
Chris Davison, Suffolk
Hello. I have recently visited your site and enjoyed the clips you make available. I was in a brass band in South Yorkshire many years ago ( When we still had a mining industry :-( ) I played cornet and flugel. Your site was a very welcome diversion. Chris Davison, Markham Main Colliery Band - Armthorpe ( Retired )
18th February 2001
Helen Douthwaite, Hetton Silver Band
Hi great website! If there are trombone players out there please give me a e-mail.
14th February
Ann Calver, Mathews Norfolk Brass (championship)
Enjoyed site. Good luck in the future. Well done at Albert Hall.
6th February 2001
Johan Cooijmans, Netherlands
I'm deeply impressed by the quality of your web-site: GREAT!
6th February 2001
Paul Holford, Denmark
Your home page is recommended by all people I speak to abroad, including on their home pages. Can I have your home page address as I can only get it through a link here. Many thanks.
1st February 2001
John Button
It is with deep regret I read in the Bandsman today of the death of John. John was a good friend, chairman and help in the formation of The Harrogate Band in 1970. I had no idea he was still active and I'm sure his presence will be missed. If its not too late, please convey my condolences to his family and remember me to them. Also remember me to and give my regards to those players and officers who were with the band when I played with them before leaving in 1977. Andrew Jackson, Les Mackown (an ex work colleague also) Ian Bristow & Peter Wells. Apologies to anyone I've missed. Yours sincerely, John J Button (BBb Bass)
31st January 2001
Dean R. Clementz, Geneseo, Illinois
Your web page is really neat. I love reading about organization's such as yours - we have so much in common, even though we are an ocean apart.
Our band was formed in 1906 by a math professor who taught at the former Geneseo College. Professor Plagge left here in 1907 to pursue another degree, but the band remained in existence, even through World War II. Today, we are over 100 members strong, rehearse from the first Monday in June to the first Monday in August and perform seven to eight concerts in that same time frame. We play in a band shell in our local park (where we put on a HUGE July 4th concert), at a gazebo for the July 4th fireworks, as a non-marching unit for an annual music festival parade, and at an air show at a local airport. The concerts in the park are part of our city's park department activities; the crowds number from 300 - 600 per concert, depending on who is performing (besides our group, there are usually five or six other groups that rotate the schedule) and the weather. There is always an ice cream social that is hosted by non-profit organizations (on a first come, first serve basis via application to City Hall) that is a great crowd pleaser.
Our organization is non-profit, and funded solely by donations. We almost folded eleven years ago, due to a lack of funds. Our two oldest band members, who have been a part of this organization since 1936, decided to fight the vote to disband and each of them pitched $1,000 of their own money into an endowment fund. Then we held some very lucrative fund-raisers, knocked on a lot of doors and stood around with our hands out when we could. I am thrilled to say that eleven years later, we have $50,000 in cash and investments and over $90,000 of assets.
Keep in tune! Dru Clementz
29th January 2001
Roger Trigg, New York City
Website: Greater New York Salvation Army Youth Band
Thank you so much for including us on your links page. We are brand new and are just starting to get some exposure. Your site is terrific and very useful. Keep up the good work and thanks again for the support!
28th January 2001
Toril Raknes, London
Website: Brent Brass
Hi Guys! Great looking site you've got here - it really sets the standard for the rest of us. We can only do our best to try and match it. Best of love to Rob and Katie who's been helping us out in the past. We miss you lots! Had a fab time at the 1999 finals. All the best, Toril :-)
26th January 2001
Good luck to your new horn player Gemma (top blonde!)
24th January 2001
Matt Dugdale, St Helens
Website: St Helens Concert Band
Hey guys, nice site u got here. Anyone browsing this site, please take a look at - We're only based over in St.Helens, so if any of you live nearby, check out that website and join us if you like. We're always open to new members. We've got a big concert on the 31st May - An evening with Kenn Dodd OBE. It's going to be at the Royal Philharmonic Hall, in Liverpool. Tickets are from £7. If any of you want to come, email me and I'll send you back some more details. Our band, along with the Red Rose Concert Band, Heswall Royal British Legion Concert Band and Maghull Town Band will be playing on the night. And of course, comedy from Ken Dodd himself in the second half. Hope to see you around.
19th January 2001
Eric de Rooij, Loop op Zand, Netherlands
Website: Koninklijke Harmonie Sophia's Vereeniging
Great looking site! Lots of greetings from "The Royal Wind Band Sophia's Vereeniging" from the Netherlands. Come and visit our site, it has got an english section!
19th January 2001
Jim Hayes
Website: Carlton Main Frickley Band
Really enjoyable site. Keep up the good work
18th January 2001
Alan Beaumont, Durham
Website: Bearpark & Esh Colliery Band
Hi to all. I am the percussionist and web master with the Bearpark & Esh Colliery Band. Why not pay us a visit at Love your site, it looks great. All the best for the future.
30th December 2000
Roland Marshall, Guildford
Your MD has just enjoyed a Meat Bhuna here and several cans of Boddingtons here (Manchester beer, did he tell you ?). All the best for 2001
30th December 2000
Sergeant Sheep, Ystradgynlais
Website:Ystradgynlais Band
Best wishes to all at Harrogate Band for a happy and successful 2001. Keep up the good work! Cheers, SS :)
23rd December 2000
Albert Justen, 56745 Bell, Germany
Website:Musikverein Bell
It seems to be time that a German Band signs your visitor's book. we are a small band but we all love music. Years ago we had some contact with an English Marching and display Band in Godalming, surrey. Your site looks really good. Have a look at our site. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all musicians of Harrogate Band and always beer enough at the practice evenings. Yours Albert Justen.
22nd December 2000
Katie Milbank, Romford, Essex
Website:Marching On
I thoroughly enjoyed looking around your website and hop that you can find the time to have a nosey around mine! :) MERRY XMAS from the staff at the Romford Legion site
19th December 2000
Joost Sluijter, Netherlands
Website:Brassband De Vooruitgang
Very good site!
4th December 2000
Richard Hall, Murton Colliery Band
Congratulations on your result and musical performance yesterday - great music that I very much enjoyed.
22nd November 2000
Simon Davies
Website:South Yorkshire Police Band
Hi from South Yorkshire Police Band in Rotherham. See u at Hartlepool contest. What u playing? Essay by Gregson for us.
22nd November 2000
Georgina Shepherd, Pickering, North Yorkshire
Website:Stape Silver Band
Hi Harrogate I'm from Stape Silver Band , I think it was your band we played with at York with all of the bag pipes. I think your website is great - maybe have a look at ours one time. Congratulations for the Albert Hall. Bye.
12th November 2000
Mark Wears, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Website:Pennine Brass
All our supporters at Pennine Brass thought you deserved a much higher placing at the Nationals! I'm sure you will be a force to be reckoned with in the First Section and we look forward to competing against you next year. Best wishes from all at Pennine!
10th November 2000
Sandra Vives Lynch, Whitehaven, Cumbria
Website:Whitehaven Band
I have been so impressed by your site that I have started a site for my local band. My husband plays with the Whitehaven Brass Band and I cannot play a note. So the web site should keep me occupied while the hubby is out banding. All the best, Sandra
7th November 2000
Andy White, Oldham
Many thanks for the acknowledgement on your news page re the nationals. It's good to see that your band share a competitive spirit. You obviously have a thriving band and appear to be going from strength to strength. Perhaps we will meet at Rochdale in January. If not well see you at the nationals next year! Best wishes, Andy White MD (Oldham Brass)
25th October 2000
Paul Field, Portishead, Bristol
Website:Portishead Town Band
What were the chances of the mighty threesome (YBS, Harrogate and Portishead) all being struck down by poor placings (17th,11th,19th) on the same weekend, eh? Never mind - we had a great time and from what I hear, you did too. Cheers. Paul
21st October 2000
Jon Peters, Woodinville, Washington, USA
I'm a just a tuba/euphonium player in a rag-time band in the Seattle area of Washington State (USA). I'm also the benevolent dictator and band leader. A very nice site. I'll make sure the others in my group take a look.
18th October 2000
Paul Field, Portishead, Bristol
Website:Portishead Town Band
Hi guys. Just a quick message to say Good luck for the weekend - hopefully we'll bump into you at some point to congratulate you on your win (he he)! Look forward to your support for the Sunday morning if you can get up that early......... ;o)
Cheers, Paul Field, Principal Cornet
18th October 2000
Holly Garrett
Good luck on Saturday - I expect you to win!! See you for a pint after, Holly
18th October 2000
Catherine & Eamon Hannaway and family
To All Harrogate Band Members and Supporters. We really enjoyed the concert in Ripon Catherderal - it sounded fantastic. Good luck to you all at the Royal Albert Hall - We hope you have a great weekend.
17th October 2000
Malcolm Dibb
Website:Tewit Youth Band
David, Just a quick message of our good wishes, to you and all the members of the Harrogate Band, we wish you the best of luck in London, sock it to them and show them that North Yorkshire rules ok. From Malcolm and all the Band and Committee at Tewit Youth.
17th October 2000
Alan Morrison
Website:Alan Morrison
Hi David, Just a short note to wish you and the band all the very best for the weekend. When I arrive at the hall on Saturday afternoon I expect to see you all in celebration mode??? Say hello to Liz & Daniel.
17th October 2000
Robert Bessant, Ontario, Canada
Just thought I would email to say hi I am a retired S.A.bandsman from Brantford Ont. and I would like to say I enjoy seeing what I can on the web and would like to sign your guest book - - regards - Robert M.Bessant
14th October 2000
Andy Holmes, #
Website:Ever Ready Band
location: golden calf
message: Alright Boh. see ya at the finals on saturday.
11th October 2000
Jason Harper: A small message from Lindsey (Jason's sister). Dad says get your hair cut "GROOVER". PS. Good luck at the Albert Hall
8th October 2000
Ross Williams, Australia
I believe I am a distant relative of William Rimmer from Southport UK. He was a brass band leader and composer. I am trying to make contact with any known rellies. Can you help? Kind Regards, Ross Williams.
8th October 2000
David Law, Devon
Website:Okehampton Excelsior Silver Band
I've been searching the web for idea's for our own site, and yours is the best I've seen so far.
7th October 2000
Sandra Davison, Murton Colliery Brass Band
Enjoyed looking at you site, hopefully our band will have one set up before too much longer. I did like listening to the CD however, I must say I do a fine Rodrigo Concerto solo myself on the Soprano! If you want to here my version please purchase a copy of our new and first CD, please contact me for more details! Good luck at London.
3rd October 2000
Tom & Pauline Watson (Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress of Harrogate)
Thank you for inviting us to your concert in Ripon Cathedral on Saturday 30th September. We thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful music and wish you every success in the National Brass Band Finals at the Albert Hall later this month.
2nd October 2000
Hedley Benson
Well done a great website!!!! if you ever need a soloist I am available - please refer to
26th September 2000
Peter, Bournemouth, Dorset
Website:Verwood Concert Brass
Excellent site, look forward to some competition for the Brass Band Oscars 2000. Maybe all you voters out there might want to take a look at a non-commercial website with news, pictures, concert dates and more with regular updates.
20th September 2000
David Macluskey, Scotland
Website:Johnstone Silver Band
I love the site and it is nice to see a band doing well. We look forward to meeting you at the RAH in October where the 2nd section could be interesting! Best wishes - All at Johnstone Silver.
18th September 2000
Hannah Vincent, Cornwall
I've watched the film "Brassed Off" and their interpretation of Rodrigo's Concerto De Aranjuez sent tingles down my spine. I'd love to know more about brass, and how to get hold of a copy of the piece. Many thanks.
11th September 2000
Sergeant Sheep, Ystradgynlais
Website:Ystradgynlais Band
Love your website - it's so professional and well laid out. But you seem to be missing a band mascot! I'd like to invite you all to pay me a visit at the Ystrad Band Website where you can play my interactive game, read my detective story and discover the sound advice that I give to those in need. Keep up the good work, SS.
10th September 2000
Piet Bos, Wolvega, Netherlands
I'm the 1st trombone player from the brassband "Euphonia" and I like your site. The next time you come to The Netherlands please contact me, so we can arrange a concert for you in Friesland (the place to be for a dutch brassband). See you!!!!
5th September 2000
Philip Dutton, Stray Brass, Harrogate
Website:Stray Brass
I have visited your website a number of times. It is an object lesson in attractive, informative design. I hope a lot of other bands will follow your style. I have placed a link to your site from ours. You may like to see it at
21st August 2000
Michael Lovell, Stape Silver Band, Pickering
The bagpipes, the nightmares, nooooooooo! (by the way I thought David's dancing to the Teletubbies at the BBSS was very good!)
31st July 2000
News Lau, Hong Kong
I am a Clarinet and Tuba player in Hong Kong. The first time I heard about the 'brass Wind' sound from a British band was really unforgetable to me. Although the band was a army band, the standard was very high. After that, years by years I know more. Last year I saw a movie 'Brassed off' I can't believe the non-full time band in UK are so professional. By the way, best wish and good luck in Albert hall.
23rd July 2000
Gordon Cupskey, Ontario, Canada
Dear Sirs. My name is Gordon Cupskey and I am president of the Galt Kiltie band from Cambridge Ontario Canada. I was searching the web and I came across the brass band web site. What a fantastic link to all the great bands. In 1987 our band did a tour of Scotland and England. One of our stops long the way was to play a joint concert with your band. I would be interested in hearing from anyone in your band that was at that concert.
22nd June 2000
Feldmusik Strättligen, Thun, Switzerland
Website:Feldmusik Strättligen
We congratulate to you cordially to your homepage succeeded and require further much fun with make music. With musical greetings from Switzerland.
20th June 2000
Daryl Beese
Website:Wheaton Municipal Band
You have an absolutely wonderful website. I am particularly impressed with the Band links from around the world. I am the webmaster for the Wheaton Municipal Band in the United States.
9th June 2000
John Gillespie
Can you please tell me where I can get a Brass band set of the march Bramwyn? I saw that you used it in a contest last year.
8th June 2000
Jim Eccleston, Vancouver, Canada
I wonder if you could give me some details on the arrangement of the Rodrigo : Adagio from Concerto d`Aranjuez. Who is the arrnager and is the arrangement commercially available etc. I played for the Whitchurch Prize Silver and Oswestry Silver and Shotton Steel and the Mid-Shropshire bands back in the late 40's and 50's and ended up going on the road with the Billy Ternant orchestra (Sorry about that!) Keep up the good work - I promote your website and music to everyone I can. Many Thanks. p.s. Brass Bands few and far between here in Vancouver B.C.
7th June 2000
Julie North
My husband and I were visiting Roermond on June 1st and watched your band perform. They were excellent! We did actually speak to one of your members who was distributing the leaflets. The Dutch seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, along with us lonely brits. thank you for a very entertaining afternoon. Best Regards.
7th June 2000
Kristin Kohler, Kailua, Hawaii
Concierto de Aranjuez
Hello, I noticed that you have this piece listed on your latest CD. I first heard it on the Brassed Off sound track and fell in love with it. I would love to get the piece for a band I play in here in Hawaii. Do you know where I can purchase it? I am having a hard time obtaining it. Any help you can provide I will greatly appreciate. Thank you in advance.
28th May 2000
Arie van Kuijk , Nuenen, Holland
Do you know Nuenen also do have a brassband, called "Brassband de Vooruitgang" since 1884. I'm playing in the brassband and I was delighted to hear the the Harrogate Band playing in Nuenen. Great musicians with that great english atmosphere. Good luck in the future.
Brassband de Vooruitgang "" (we still do not have a brilliant web site like yours but we are working on it!
28th May 2000
P.Vorstenbosch, Eindhoven, Nederland
Ik heb met heel veel plezier naar dit perfecte optreden geluisterd en gekeken en ik hoop dat ik de uitzending van jullie optreden in de Royel Albert Hal niet zal missen. Wordt dit een LIVE uitzending??
22nd May 2000
Melina Benger, Victoria, Australia
As a fellow bandsperson from Australia, I congratulate you on your regional win, and wish you luck at Albert Hall. My own band, Echuca Federal Brass Band (Victoria), has just won our National Titles over Easter of 2000. We also performed in Albert Hall for the competition, only it was in Tasmania, Australia. I wish you the very best in the future.
19th May 2000
Website:Trumpet Index
A brilliant site really well done!! Regards, RODDY TPT. o-iii<O .......
... have you checked out my Trumpet sounds page on the internet?
1st May 2000
Jorge Pires, Saint Paulo, Brazil
Vacancy is Harrogate Band. Hello. I am Jorge Pires I live in Brazil, Estado of SAINT PAULO, I'm musician and stub in the band of my city, name of the band he/she is Conductor Francico Paulo Russo, play TUBA sib ,want to know that is necessary for he/she wanders in Harrogate Band. because I intend to work in Netherland, e who knows repair a vacancy in a musical band it is already a great step for me. Sr.Gavin of this already thank for this found opportunity, the music style that you play it is almost the same of here, with an only difference, here we played more Latin styles as: samba, baiao, maracatú, etc..., e also music of John Willians and other. I dismiss for here, is we will maintain contact and I await answer, para to change score, arrangement and even method. Thank you for the time being...
30th April 2000
Jason Folly, Oxford
Greetings, IBEW. It is Sir Folly here from Oxford,England. I think Web site is the best Brass band site I've seen. But my associate band "The International Staff Band" has a great web site as well. Pity that the "Melbourne Staff Band" does not have a web site as well. Well A bit about me. I conduct the "Oxford Symphonic Brass" (school band). I've played with the ISB and conducted the band as well. I play Euphonium and I am studying at The Royal College of Music. I was born in 1984 in Australia and presently living in Oxford and sometimes go to The International Staff Band practice and when in Australia I go to Melbourne to practice with the Melbourne Staff Band. I first started playing Euphonium with The Shepparton Brass band in Victoria,Australia. I must go now I look forward to seeing this Site again when I am the Net. God bless you all and Good Night. Sir Jason
10th April 2000
Tracy Farr, USA
Website: BrassWorld International
Gavin, I really appreciate you mentioning BrassWorld and the article we did on Harrogate. Now I know why our hits skyrocketed this month! Thanks, Tracy
8th April 2000
Peter J Crossley, Millhouse Green, Penistone, South Yorkshire
Website: Thurlstone Brass Band
Having just created a web site for Thurlstone Brass Band, I am pleased to have included links to this oscar winning site. Well done to you all in your recent competition successes! Long may it continue.
3rd April 2000
Allan Johnson, Banks, Southport
Website: Banks Brass Band
This is a very helpful site and long may it continue. Best wishes Allan Johnson (Banks Brass Band)
29th March 2000
Warren Lovingood, Stone Mountain (Atlanta), Georgia
I just recently started listening to brass band music and I have been so amazed at the amount of information that you have on all kinds of brass band or brass materials. I am so glad that you're here for people like myself and others that want to get everything that they can to enhance their love for the this medium of music. Again thanks for being here for all of us .
22nd March 2000
Kevin Darby
Website: Yeovil Town Band
Good News! Well done David and congratulations to all the band on your victory at the Area last weekend - and what a bummer (not!) that this year you have to go on and play at the RAH! Regards and Best Wishes.
21st March 2000
Alan Morrison
Website: Alan Morrison
Hi David. Been away for a few days and come back to find the Area results from Darlington. Congratulations! absolutely delighted for you - well done! although it's not really a surprise. Please pass on my congrats. to all the band.
21st March 2000
Jamie, Claire and Iona McVicar, Germany
Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Just a short note to say well done on your first place - Albert Hall here you come! Have your hangovers worn off yet? I bet not ! We are really really pleased for you (although insanely jealous!). You all deserve the success. We hope to see you in May when you are over here as you are just going to be up the road from us. Well done again.
21st March 2000
Chris Outtersides
Well done on winning the area! From what I can gather (I arrived too late to see your performance) it was a well deserved victory. Bet it makes all that hard work worth while doesn't it? Were you happy with the performance? I see our old foes Peterlee are also at it again! They seem to be very up and down in the last few years but like yourselves appear to be on the way up! To be honest it felt really weird watching the area for the first time in 6 years, but to be quite truthful I enjoyed not getting worked up etc and just being able to watch other people getting stressed! You should try it sometime. I was actually there on Sunday, but due to the fantastic weather I couldn't legislate for spending the whole day in a leisure centre so unfortunately I didn't arrive until after 3pm. I did therefore see most of Section 1, Cottingham were worthy winners (even though i don't really like their attitude) and the piece was fantastic, in fact Section 1 pieces recently seem to be getting better (Kenilworth last year etc..) I also saw the whole of the top section. Now that piece really is hard! I thought Greggs did really well given their situation with players (only 3 basses, guess who got a phone call the week before - NO WAY!!!) and by no way disgraced themselves which I think was their main objective. ER were worthy winners and I'm glad that Fishburn have finally got some reward for their efforts Anyway well done for winning, a victory that was well deserved I'm sure and if you need any help......... (well you've heard it b4).
20th March 2000
Paul Field, Portishead
Website: Portishead Band
David/Gavin - Congratulations on your win! You must be very pleased with the result (under-statement of the year.....). Equally impressive are the action shots of a certain MD seemingly about to take flight - I must have a word with our MD about his 'stage presence'! Let's hope some of your luck rubs off on us. Anyway, well done again from all at Portishead Band.
20th March 2000
Dave McKay
Website: Ever Ready Band
Congrats Davey Lancaster and the band on your result at Darlo. See you in London, probably propping up the bar at the Mews or The Goat!!
19th March 2000
Steve Heninghem, Harrogate
Website: Tewit Youth Band
Congratulations to Harrogate Band - taking first in 2nd section...Well Done David & co. A double celebration, here in Harrogate. Tewit Youth Band successfully defended both their titles at the Harrogate competitive music festival. Well Done Malcolm and all the players!!
19th March 2000
Catherine Hannaway
Thank you for the invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting on 22nd March 2000. I am sorry but I shall be unable to attend. Congratulations on your fantastic success today at Darlington. You just keep getting better - now you really have made it to the top. Thank you too for the tremendous pleasure that you continue to give to my parents. We are looking forward to moving back to Yorkshire in the near future (the boys are both to attend Ripon Grammar school), and hope at least to perhaps bring the junior band some new recruits! Best Wishes, Catherine Hannaway.
16th March 2000
Aidan Nuccitelli
Website: Sheet Music Plus
I found your site online while looking for brass band pages. It rocks! I had a lot of fun looking around on it. I was about to say that you should link to, but you're already two steps ahead of me :) so thanks for affiliating with us!
25th February 2000
Gunny, South Florida, USA
This may not be the correct place to ask this question, but I did think that if anyone knew the answer it would be this location. So if you can help me, thanks. I am new to WWW, but I do enjoy it. I have a grand-nephew that has just got an old brass fire-extinguisher, and he wants to really polish it up. If you know of any tricks to really polish an old brass object, please let me know. Thank you so much. Gunny (GySgtUSMC-WW2)
21st February 2000
Clayton Harris, Kansas City Music Conservatory
I am writing a master's thesis on the evolution of brass bands and I need to know some specific info on the Harrogate Band web site. When did you put this online and who are the authors to this site? I would like to use your web site in my bibliography, so any additional info you can give me will be very useful.
21st February 2000
Website: SheetMusicPlus
I recently came across your site while searching through music sites. I considered your site to be tremendously well done! After being impressed by your informative site, it seemed to me that your visitors might enjoy learning where to find sheet music. We offer over 300,000 sheet music titles, the world's largest selection, and we serve customers in over 75 countries. Your visitors might appreciate if you were one of our affiliates. And you might appreciate the fact that our affiliate program allows you to earn money (8%!!) every time one of your visitors purchase something.
20th February 2000
Mark Smith, (MuSic Engraving), Cornwall
Excellent site.
18th February 2000
Steve Mwambu, Pittsburgh, PA
Website: Pambazuko
Your site rocks!
15th February 2000
Jürgen Jacobi-van Beek, Frefeld, Germany
I am very impressed by your site, I do the tuba in a small orchester and in music school Krefeld. Good luck to you. The translations are very funny!
10th February 2000
Barney Peterson, St Paul, Minnesota
Hello! My name is Barney Peterson, a composer, graduate of the University of Southern California Music School and I now live in St. Paul, MN, USA. I recently met Denis Colwell, Music Director and Conductor of the River City Brass from Pittsburgh, PA, USA. I've been encouraged to write something for them and ask if there are any books you would recommend for the specific orchestration for a brass band? Your webpage is quite impressive for this subject! I will pass it on for sure!
8th February 2000
The Higginsons, Northumberland
Greetings from the frozen North! (Actually it's a lot warmer here than it was in Bradford). Congratulations on the 30th anniversary. Please let us know when the reunion is and we'll try to get there (band engagements permitting). Best wishes to the Band. Pam, John and Rachel Higginson
7th February 2000
Helen Bielby
Great website, I think Thirsk RBL should have one!
18th January 2000
Johan Oomen, Netherlands
Greetings from the Gerwens Musiek Korps! I must say your website looks awesome. Were're looking forward to your stay in the Netherlands, in May....
13th January 2000
Lionel Walter, Switzerland
Website: Ensemble de Cuivres Mélodia
Congratulations. The site of harrogate band is splendid !! I am the webmaster of the site of the Ensemble de Cuivres Mélodia. Best Wishes, Lionel Walter
6th January 2000
Sally Stevens, Echuca, Australia
Hi. My name is Sally Stevens and I am 16 years old. I play principal cornet for the Echuca Federal Band in country Victoria, Australia. I would love to establish links with anyone in the band who would like to discuss music issues, etc. If you don't have e-mail addresses my postal address is: 287 High Street Echuca VIC 3564
I hope to hear from you soon. Yours musically, Sally.
3rd January 2000
David Boardman, Espanola, Ontario, Canada
Website: Belle Vue Revisited
My name is David Boardman and I publish an Internet Web Site about the history of the Belle Vue Zoo and Amusement Park which operated in Manchester between 1836 and 1981. During a period of its history the park was run by a man by the name of John Henry Iles and one of his interests was brass bands. Iles brought the national band contest to Belle Vue. On your web site you have a page of information about the Crystal Palace Challenge Trophy and on it are a number of related photographs including one of Iles conducting the band on the stage at the Crystal Palace. I would like to use these photographs as part of my web site to assist in telling the story of the brass band competitions at Belle Vue. I would of course give you credit and provide readers with a link to your site.
29th December 1999
Allan Phillips
Website: Shropshire Mining
Hello Gavin, Compliments of the season to you and good luck in 2000. As the owner/editor of Shropshiremining, it would be a privilige to join your Brass Band Ring. In recent weeks Shropshiremining became the first non-band web site to be included in the Grimethorpe Colliery site based on the fact that my attempts to create a Mining Community on the Net is beginning to take off!?. Please advise if a reciprocal link can be pasted up.
10th December 1999
Eric Banks, South Australia
Website: Eric Banks
Hello Gavin, Thank you for including my website in your very impressive and informative website. In saying 'Hello' to you may I also say 'Hello' to my many band friends in UK. It is a bit of a shock to realise that I have now been in Australia for over ten years since retiring from Royal Air Force Music Services. I maintain a very active 'Have baton. Will travel' existence around Australasia and the Far East and would therefore welcome the opportunity to revisit the UK in this capacity. Needless to say, if you are touching base with Australia at any time, please do not fail to get in touch. Kind regards to you all.
9th December 1999
Christin Eide, Norway
Just wanted to say one thing: Brilliant web site :)
3rd December 1999
John Agnew, Calwell, Australia
Brass Band Bibliography - Fabulous! Just amazing! Years ago I saw an English movie called "The Shillingbury (?) Blowers" which featured a brass band. I have been trying ever since to get a copy of it on video, but have insufficient details about it to chase it up. Truth is, it's probably not on video anyway. If you know of it (it doesn't appear in the bibliography) could you let me have some more details please?
24th November 1999
Ray Curson, Adelaide, South Australia
Hi Gavin. Just spent half a day with Eric Banks who was showing me your web site. Eric and his wife are friends of mine and Eric has worked with me a lot in my capacity as President of the South Australian Band Association. I was a former Euphonium player with the Hanwell Silver Band for a time in the early fifties having played alongside Johny Luckett before going back to my home county Norfolk. Congratulations on the website, it gives us ex-patriots a warm feeling to see something from home, I am retired from playing having had a busy career with the Euphonium out here. Greetings from the Bands of South Australia to the Harrogate Band.
23rd November 1999
Holly Garrett
Good Luck to all the band at Hartlepool on Sunday. Make sure you bring back a trophy!! Holly
17th November 1999
Robert D. Schramm, Crofton, MD, USA
Website: The Brass Crest
What a great site! A good design - I particularly appreciate that it's organized so you can find what you want in a reasonable number of clicks. I am currently constructing a brass band site, which I will submit for inclusion in your lists when it's ready.
12th November 1999
Dick Wood
Well done Harrogate brass band, at last a band that is in the nineties! Brilliant web site - congrats, shame about the person who wrote it.
10th November 1999
Ian Brownbill
Dear David, I just want to thank you and your colleagues for the absolutely brilliant work you have put in to your web-site it is extraordinary and I'm sure is greatly appreciated not just by me but by bandspeople. Kindest regards to you, James and all the Lancasters.
9th November 1999
Mark Dutton
Gavin. Excellent web page as a collector of Brass Band publications this has been of great assistance, please find below a list of possible titles missing that are part of my collection. Regards, Mark Dutton
27th October 1999
Geoff Colmer, France ex-Pat
Excellent web-site. We [Stanshawe / Sun Life Band] are using examples like the Harrogate Band's web-site as an example of how good a job can be done. Keep your eyes open for our's just before Christmas. Cheers, GDC, ex-player of the SLB [deceased]
22nd October 1999
Trevor Clarke, Warrnambool, Australia
Hi, my name is Trevor Clark and I am making a few enquiries regarding what opportunities there may be in the UK. I was born in England in 1960 and my family emigrated to Australia when I was 4. I have not returned but would like to at sometime, short or long term and would like some sort of idea of what I could expect to find. My impression of the British Brass Band scene is mainly derived from the British Bandsman, Internet, the occasional returning Aussie tourist (usually second Baritone players from low grade bands) and ex-pat English bandsmen who all claim to have played with Dyke, Fodens or ST. Hildas when Brass Bands were apparently better. I suppose you could imagine the picture of bands in England we have out here. As for myself I played BB flat,EE flat and even a short stint on Principle Eupho with Kensington and Norwood (AUST. "A" grade champ 1992) with a couple of Aust BBFlat Champs as a soloist. I have been conducting for 12 years and have had some good results with a "C" grade band in South Australia (Enfield-they have a website www. angelfire. com/la/EnfieldBrass) and have recently moved to country Victoria to a town called Warrnambool where I have taken on the town band, also "C" Grade. I suppose you could equate "C" grade Australia with 3rd section going by the recording of Oldham playing Three Miniatures. I hope you do not mind my e-mail and look forward to your reply whenever you can. Kind Regards.
18th October 1999
David Knott, Roachdale, Indiana
Dear Sir, I am a high school band director in Indiana with a great interest in British Brass Bands. I am planning a trip to Britain in June of next year would love to hear your band. Can you provide a schedule of concerts or competitions for your band? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
27th September 1999
Alan Morrison
Website: [homepage]
Just a short note to thank you for your invitation to play with Harrogate, and congratulate you on an excellent programme and concert. It is a pleasure to work with someone who knows what they are doing and can lead the band through a difficult acoustic to work in, particularly in accompaniment. The Band came through with honours and I would be grateful if you could give them my thanks and congratulations for a very enjoyable evening.
27th September 1999
Alan Johns, British Steel Brass Band Port Talbot (Flugel)
What an absolutely brilliant site - I can see me spending hours on this frequency! Keep up the fabulous work.
24th September 1999
Eliot J Darwin, Sheffield
Hi, just popped in to say g'day. How's the band doing ? Love the web page but there's a lot of info packed in don't you think? Got to go see you sometime in the future. Eliot.
23 September 1999
Colin Harris, North Shields, Tyne & Wear
Website: Backworth Colliery Band
Gavin, top brass band site. It is nice to know that I can point my directory link to a depository as detailed as yours. Of special interest is the links to brass instrument history pages, and the huge brass bands list. Best wishes for the site, and may it continue.
8th September 1999
Graham Johnson, Los Angeles, California
WOW I've gone to brass band heaven on earth! What a fabulous website. I love it. It's important, assembled masterly. Graham Johnson, contributor "Grove's Dictionary" P. S.: I design and collect instruments and recently started collecting (10 pcs) period brass instruments. I play plectrum instruments, but will return to my former interest of playing brass.
7th September 1999
Gerald Thompson, Canada
Website: American Brass Band Association
I bring you greetings from the Toronto Metropolitan Silver Brass Band, which I recently joined to commit atrocities on Tenor-horn. I will try to get them a site and add to the web ring later. Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
7th September 1999
Richard Cook, USA
Hello, my name's Richard and I'm a trumpet player from the US. I was searching the Internet for Brass Bands and I came across your bands page. I am interested in purchasing a copy of your CD 'Come Follow The Harrogate Band'. Ever since I saw the movie 'Brassed Off' I've been looking for Rodrigo's Concerto D'Aranjuez. Could I ask where you got your copy of that music? Many thanks.
5th September 1999
Scott Holmes, Australia
I would like to find out where i could find Marching Brass military ( army air force navy) band for the purpose of obtaining videos (VHS) for purchase. Please email me if you can be of assistance.
3rd September 1999
Kate Bishop, Ramsbury, Wiltshire
I found your website and are hoping that you might be able to help me find some information.
I am the assistant conductor of the Ramsbury Silver Band (Wiltshire) and conductor of the junior (training ) band. I am Australian and spent many years in Concert bands back home, but am not really familiar with the standard British Brass band repertoire. I realise that your band is of a very high standard, but we all start somewhere! I believe that we may benefit from listening to some of the Harrogate recordings in relation to tone, tuning and general musicality. - This would also give me an idea for some repertoire. I would much appreciate details on how to purchase your tapes and also where to get hold of some demo tapes and appro scores. When I was teaching back home, we would get tapes of arrangements to listen to and some scores for a quick play through before purchasing new arrangements - is there anyone over here who does this type of thing. Are there open reading sessions run by the major publishers? Who are the major publishers of Brass Band music with representation in England? How do I get hold of some of David Lancaster's scores?
A friendly answer to all or any of these questions would be greatly appreciated at you earliest convenience. Best regards.
26th August 1999
Eddie Fearnley
Great to hear from you again, I have just moved into my new house. I am still working on nights at Leeds and hope to get a job in the NHS soon which will mean that I can return to playing again. If you get stuck for a Bass player any weekend 'daytime' by all means give us a call. I might be a little rusty though ! See you very soon. Eddie
24th August 1999
Alan Williams
Hi, my name is Alan and I play the Flugel Horn. Sorry to bother you, but could you by any chance tell me out of curiosity, who plays the Flugel in your band, and what type of Flugel he/she plays? Looking forward to hearing from you.
24th August 1999
Judith Hayes, Rugby
Website: Bilton Silver Band
Did you realise that you have forgotten to update David's biog page with his greatest playing experience ever? Just ask him if he "knows a bank" and wait for the penny to drop? There are photos, too! Incidentally, good site, as always. How do you think of all the stuff to put on it?
p.s. I suddenly remembered, on the way home this evening, that I should also have mentioned David's other greatest musical moment. Just call him Freddie, and tell him mama mia, mama mia (we will not let him go!)
12th August 1999
Mark Griffin, Florida
Having just started a brass band in Orlando, FL we are looking into the sponsorship side of things. If you get a chance I would like to know how your band goes about getting sponsors. We are just about to start designing our web site and yours has given me some great ideas. And anytime your in the Orlando stop in and see us. Regards, Mark
12th August 1999
Bob Thurston, Naples, Florida
Website: The Southerners British Brass Band
Gavin: thank you very much for adding our band to your directory. If you ever need any information from our part of the US, please feel free to contact me. We are the southernmost British style brass band in the US. Our performances are seasonal at this time, as our population and membership is related. A lot of our people live further North in the US, or Canada, and come here in the winter. We rehearse and perform, from September through May of the following year. If you are ever in this area during that period of time, and would like to sit in, please let me know also. Thanks again, Bob Thurston, principal yuff, Business Mgr.
30th July 1999
Colin Holman
Website: Illinois Brass Band
I want to congratulate you all on a fabulous series of web pages full of great information! The band sounds really wonderful on the audio clips and I enjoyed browsing all the other tidbits. The Illinois Brass Band hopes to tour the UK next summer; maybe there's a chance for a joint performance together at some time?
I am also providing some extra information on the North American Brass Band Association so you can complete your records; I hope it is useful.
Colin Holman,
Music Director, Illinois Brass Band
Editor, Brass Band Bridge
13th July 1999
Steve Heninghem, Harrogate
Website: Tewit Youth Band
Like it!! Just had a look round the new site. Very impressive! 'bout time we had another joint concert, isn't it?
Cheers, Steve
7th July 1999
Sandra Baker, Australia
I just wanted to say that this is the best site I have ever seen. Keep up the good work.
From Sandra Baker.
6th July 1999
Matthew Hale, Ware
Hi there, Great Web Site!!
I play Rep for Ware Brass band in Hertfordshire. I am always interested in how bands manage financially and how you keep and attract players.
Thanks, Matthew Hale - Ware Brass - Sponsorship and Public Relations
24th June 1999
Kim Dawson
Hi there guys, great page, have a nice day...
6th June 1999
Angela McGeehan, Scotland
As a fellow "Brass Bander" (Eb Tenor Horn with Clydebank Burgh Band, Clydebank, Scotland.) I wish to congratulate you on your success and fabulous website, and I wish you all the best for future engagements! Well done!
10th May 1999
Jim Stretton, Harrogate
Website: Harrogate Ladies College
Just a quick note to enquire when and where your band rehearse. I've just "hit" your very impressive web site and would like to hear you in the flesh. Perhaps I could come for a blow sometime (cornet/flugal?). Best wishes, Jim Stretton
4th May 1999
Evert Kipp, Leiden, The Netherlands
Website: K&G Show & Marching Band
Hello. You have a very nice and well done web site! I think you have done a wonderfull job with your links page, however, your missing one very important band :-))
See the K&G Show & Marching Band at (in English too) and read all about the official world champion for show and marching bands
3rd May 1999
Hazel Purvis, Ripon Festival
Looking forward to the concert in Ripon Cathedral on 24 September 1999.
2nd May 1999
David Simet, Ithaca, New York
Website: Hickey's Music Centre
I enjoyed the site! Please consider adding our store to your list of music resources. Thanks!
1st May 1999
Dirk Hünerbein, Hamburg
Hallo, this is Brass Band Hamburg e.V. from Germany. We er playing Brass Band musik since over 20 years. The Band was founded by Armin Forst who was sale manager for boosey and hawkes for Germany for several years. We have red in the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung about the European Brass Band championships in München and there were allthough some informations about two German Brass Bands too. That's a sin that we in Germany know as less about each other. Are there some possibilities in the net to get known a little bit more? Maybe first here in Germany and than later international???
Hamburg ist immer eine Reise wert... (Hamburg is always worth a journey... ) Thanks for kontak me.
Greetings Dirk Hünerbein
28th April 1999
Douwe Weening, The Netherlands
Website: Brassband De Lofklank Ureterp
You've got a nice band whit exellent players. I whis you all teh best there is and maby you can come some day to holland whit your band and play whit us. greatings Douwe Weening (repiano cornet).
23rd April 1999
I will be in the North Yorkshire area at the Yorkshire Riding Center . I think it might be near Harrogate. I love music - my son is in to music as well . I will be there in May. Hope we can see you play.
19th April 1999
Katie Bell
Well Done to the Harrogate Band who won the March, Hymn and Own choice (Land of the long white cloud) at Scarborough yesterday. Super playing and conducting! David Lancaster also won the conducting prize.
19th April 1999
Susi Woodhouse, Hove, East Sussex
Website: EARL - The Consortium for Public Library Networking
Dear David and all of the Harrogate Band,
Just to say thanks so much for giving us such a wonderful evening last Saturday in Ripon (I can hardly believe it's already a week ago). So many folk came up to me during the weekend and said that your concert-cum-lecture was the highspot of the conference. Hear, Hear, say I!
Best wishes from all of us to all of you, and every success in future competitions... Cheers! Susi
12th April 1999
David Roberts, Royal Academy of Music
Website: Royal Academy of Music
International Association of Music Librarians UK Concert
Can I just re-iterate how much everybody enjoyed the concert that the Harrogate Band gave on Saturday - everybody I spoke to had thoroughly enjoyed it and were all tapping their feet! I particularly enjoyed the arrangement by your baritone player <Chris Horton> - if he should ever decide to publish it and make it available I would definitely be interested! It was extremely effective. I shall look forward to hearing the band at some point in the future! I'll order your CD over the web - I know a couple of people who were at the concert will be doing the same.
Best wishes, Dave. (Musical Director, Pangbourne and District Silver Band)
8th April 1999
Amara Cohen, Webivore Knowledge Systems, LLC
Website: Webivore Knowledge Systems
Webivore Knowledge Systems values your web site: "Brass Band Reference Pages" and has included it in our collection of educational web pages ( This collection is an index of the best web sites found and reviewed by our content experts and editors to help students and educators find accurate and useful information on the web.
A short review of your web site has been written by our Content Experts and organized in subcategories of subject areas for users to choose from and explore.
7th April 1999
Yudhy Laia, Indonesia
Dear brothers in Christ, I just open the internet and found your webside about band, actually I am salvationist and we have small brassband, and in my country (Indonesia) just 2 group brassband and all the instruments donated by brothers from the other country : Australia, England, Singapore. Now I don't have suggestion but I would like get more information about band in Salvation Army and probably some help later. And I hope we can share each other.
Greetings in Christ, Yudhy.
4th April 1999
Thomas Kavanagh, Gosford, Australia
Website: Gosford City Brass Band
Congratulations on this wonderful and informative site
2nd April 1999
Sven D. Wiberg, New Hampshire, USA
Website: New England Brass Band
Nice sounds.
27th March 1999
John Beck, Nottingham
Website: Four Counties cage and aviary club
As an enthusiast of Brass I find your site a welcome change from my normal pursuits of computing and birdkeeping. A very interesting site that often reminds me that there is more to life than keyboards and kakarikis (New Zealand parakeets). Keep up all your good work and keep all us "birdies" sane with your wonderful music
23rd March 1999
Kenny Ralston, Pennsylvania
Hi Gavin, my name is Kenny Ralston. I am an EEb Tuba player. I have played with NYOS, Campbeltown Brass, Glasgow Co-op, Cambridge University and I am the current Principal Tuba for the NYBBS. I am actually studying in Pennsylvania at the moment at Lebanon Valley College on Exchange from Anglia Polytechnic University (Cambridge). I would just like to congrat you on your excelent work for Brass Bands on the NET!!! I am currently being taught by Mr. Jim Erdman; Retired solo trombonist, "The Presidents Own" United States Marine Band, Washington, D. C. He teaches low brass instruments and is founder and director of the LVC Low Brass Ensemble. He performs on the trombone and appears nationally as a soloist and clinician. For one of his classes he has asked me to do a comparative lecture on British Brass and American Brass, I was wondering, would you have any useful info I could use or any particular suggestions I should pay attention to? I've already made them watch "Brassed off" which they loved!!! also Jim's brother teaches here; Tim Erdman Formerly trumpet soloist, "The President's Own" United States Marine Band, Washington, D. C.; Erdman has been principal trumpet with the Harrisburg and Reading Symphonies. Instructor of applied trumpet, he is a member of "Basic'ly Brass," a professional brass quintet. Anyway as you can see I've hit a little Brass goldmine here!!! And loving every minute of it. I also had the chance to hear Patrick Sheridan in DC in Febuary, WOW now that's a Tuba player!!! Hope everything is all and well back home in the British Band movement. Hope to hear from you, regards, Kenny
15th March 1999
Tony Brayson, Harrogate
I am a local lad, currently studying at the University of Teesside, and have recently seen the film "Brassed Off ". I wish to learn an instrument to join a brass band and wondered what instrument I should learn so in future i can fill any vacancies within your brass band ? Yours faithfully, Tony
10th March 1999
Gillian Garvie, Cowdenbeath Band
First time visitor!! Good site - congrats on the Oscar!! Thanks again for the use of the bandhall for Ramsdens contest last year!
8th March 1999
Colin R Morrison, Tilbury Band
Good pages, just like Dave's music.
6th March 1999
Ivar Nordland, Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag, Norway
Website: Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag
Great pages ! Best Whishes !
1st March 1999
John Arnfield, Narangba, Queensland, Australia
Best of luck.
26th February 1999
Alan Morrison, Garforth, Leeds
Hi Gavin. Just like to say how much I enjoyed reading about the Harrogate Band on the Net. I am new to these air ways and not quite proficient in handling the technology but I am learning fast. Give my regards to David and Liz and my best wishes to the band for the forthcoming Area. I look forward to reading more in the future.
21st February 1999
Phil Penn, Taverham, Norwich, Norfolk
Website: Taverham Band
Great web site. We have a long way to go.
20th February 1999
John Thompson, Huddersfield University-live at York
Hi David. Didn't realise you had a web page, very nice! Good luck at the areas, (hopefully) we'll be there to give you a run for your money, but going by last year.... Anyway, see you in March.
20th February 1999
Janet Horne, Flookburgh Band (Cumbria)
Very impressed with your site - how did you do it?
8th February 1999
Heath Owen Jacobson, Walnut Creek, California, USA
Website: Jacobson & Associates
Trombonist- Music Education & Music Composition Double Major at the Univeristy of Nebraska- Lincoln in USA. Drum & Bugle Corps experience; 1993 & 1994 Dever Blue Knights, 1995 Cadets of Bergen County, 1996 & 1997 Concord Blue Devils
1st February 1999
Yvonne Benn, N. Yorks
As a brass player doing a computer course the first thing I look for is band sites. Harrogate's is excellent. Well Done.
27th January 1999
Dave Lockley, Tredegar, Wales
Just saying hello and to say what a nice site you've got here.... Good luck for the future and happy blowing... Dave Lockley (Bass Trombone with Tredegar Youth Band)
18th January 1999
Jennie Lyn, Deiniolen
Looks great.
11th January 1999
Chris Blaylock, Morecambe
I am principle cornet with the Morecambe Nuclear Electric Band and have been for about 3 years. Morecambe has just got a new conductor Andrew Warriner ex Bb Bass player with Grimethorpe Colliery. We are working towards 4 contests at a the moment. Rochdale (31st Jan), Blackburn (8th Feb), Blackpool Qualifiers (14th March) and Tameside (28th March). The above E-mail Address is my work e-mail so you can use it to death if you want to!!!
Enjoy your banding. See you later possibly?? Chris.
9th January 1999
Carl Robinson, Edwinstowe
I found you on the home page of Optimi Music (Keith Wardle). Very good page design. Very helpful in finding your actual location and good music samples. Its nice to see that somebody is actually interested in setting their pages up correctly rather than "under construction"
8th January 1999
Trevor Johnston, Drogheda, Eire
Website: Drogheda Brass Band
I must say that the Harrogate Band site is the highest all-round quality band site that I've yet seen, especially the text; I can only hope that the information on ours will eventually reach your standard!
8th January 1999
Luiz Severo Bocchese, Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil
Website: Soar Quinteto de Metais
Hi! My name is Luiz S. Bocchese and I am the trombone player of SOAR Quinteto de Metais (SOAR Brass Quintet) from Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil. I want to say thank you. Thank you for visit our SOAR Home Page and insert our link at your wonderful site. This was a big surprise. Thank you. The english version of our pages comming soon. Your site is realy wonderful. Structured and clear, full of information.
Best Regards and good notes.
8th December 1998
Darko Hrastovcak, Sveti Lovrec, Istra, Croatia
Website: Marching band & Wind ensemble Sveti Lovrec (Croatia)
The most likely web site about brass band music. If You like, please bookmark our information about Marching band Wind ensemble Sveti Lovrec from Croatia!
29th November 1998
Steve Larwood, Derbyshire
Website: Melbourne Town Band
Enjoyed the site. Got here via Nigel Horne's list and a message from the Youth band. Good blowing! Steve
24th November 1998
Thomas Wellings, Ripon
Just looking around for the new Tewit web site but could not find it so i just surfed on in to yours and thought I would sign the visitors book. I play Bass Trombone and if you ever need a Bass trombonist, just give me a call
23rd November 1998
Craig Lewis, Toronto, Canada
Hi: That is a great website!! The first thing I did was bookmarked it. Thanks for keeping those of us across the ocean in touch.
Craig Lewis, CSB & MTB
20th November 1998
Jonas Skartveit Rogne, Stavanger, Norway
Last time I signed up, I complained in public over my bands homepage. (the Stavanger Brass band). It is now refreshed and in excellent condition. Links from among others the Ralph Jones Trumpet page. Happy banding!
17th November 1998
Ron Boerger, Austin, Texas, USA
Website: Austin Symphonic Band
Lovely site! It would be nice if the U.S. had a national lottery which made contributions to the arts as you seem to have in the U.K. :-)   My wife and I made a tour of the U.K. with a small band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada back in 1996 and one of these days we are going to get our real band to Europe. As you know, there aren't too many British-style Brass Bands in the U.S. - we are a standard concert band with woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Best wishes for continued success!
15th November 1998
Mark Ford, Australia
Website: The Home of Kew
Just a short note to say hello from aussie, look forward to seeing you all in september '99 when I visit the UK. Kindest regards, Mark Ford, Musical Director.
11th October 1998
Nick Reaney, Sheffield
Nice page. Lots to read and do! A lot of work has obviously been put into it! Well done. I am currently at Huddersfield University studying Hotel and Catering Mangement but I am also looking for a brass band to play in. I play the Eb Tuba and am about grade 8 standard although I have not taken it. I have played recently with Loxley Silver band in Sheffield which my mother conducts but being here in Sheffield makes it a bit difficult to play with them. If anyone is interested give me a email and I`ll see what I can do. The main problem is that I would need transport to get to rehearsals with my Tuba or a Tuba provided for me to use at rehearsals etc..
23rd October 1998
Josie Holford, Trevor Day School, New York
Website: Trevor Day School
I love your band page. And thanks for the sound clips on it. As you can hear if you click on this page - I have put one as background to this school page. I hope you don't mind. What a beautiful piece! If you do have objections I will remove it immediately. You should know though the the euphonium strands have been haunting the school from this site and your band much talked about. May even lead to CD purchases! Cheers - Josie.
12th October 1998
Lucy Rogers, Abertilley, South Wales
Great site, but does anyone have any information on the tenor horn or baritone, 'cos the only place we can find it is in the groves dictionary, and we need more information. CHEERS!!!
12th October 1998
Cato Berggrav Tansoy, Norway
Hi! I'm a 29 y.o. trombone player from Norway, and I'm trying to establish contact with others who are interested in brass music (quartets/quintets/full band etc.). At the moment I'm playing in a marching band (which has woodwinds..!). I would very much like to get hold of some music for smaller brass groups, and perhaps I could get some of my fellow brass players in the marching band to join a brassgroup..?
Hopefully somebody in your band will contact me...
Yours, Cato
5th October 1998
Nick Garrett, Ripon (where else?)
It's not often I download a web-page and find my own face grinning out next to a load of ugly mugs but what a pleasure it is to see me old chums from The Harrogate Band. I have to say Gavin it really is a very good site the quality is superb. Hope everyone is well and rehearsing hard. Just thought I'd let you all know that I wake up every Sunday at 9:30am then a big smile breaks accross my face as a realise I can lie in till 1:30 pm when I can walk over the road to the pub have a drink,watch the sea and thank God Almighty I don't have to practise Land of The Long White Cloud. Stay in touch! Nick.
4th October 1998
Carol Wills, Melbourne, Australia
Website: Footscray-Yarraville City Band
Hi Gavin. Still trying to get our site onto your brass band web ring - must be the program I use. Anyway, I LOVE your band's site - so informative. It's a credit to you all. Keep blowing!! Carol
1st October 1998
Jonas Skartveit Rogne, Stavanger, Norway
Website:Stavanger Brass Band
I found your homepage via the brass humour page (with various musical and other offences). Funny page. Harrogate's homepage was very informative, I am embarassed on behalf of my own band, Stavanger Brass Band, whose homepage isn't working anywhere nearly as good. Best of luck with the ongoing season!
24th September 1998
Chris Broscomb, The Lizard, Cornwall
Good to meet you on Sunday after our trip from 'Pasty Land'. Great Bandroom, good practice, lousy draw! I saw your massive net folder. You obviously put a lot of work into it. If I send you the wool can you make me one for St Keverne Band. Cornwall is good for holidays all year round - bring your instruments for a blow with us. A big thankyou from the band -Good luck Chris Broscomb
5th September 1998
Fiona & Colin Johnson, Darlington
Very impressed! Lots of details and information provided, obviously alot of effort put in, and it shows. Congratulations.
12th August 1998
Rick Anset, Paraparaumu, New Zealand
Website: Metro Ford Porirua City Brass
I am the principle Euphonium player for Metro ford Porirua City Brass. I've played in brass bands in New Zealand for 25 years and have enjoyed every moment. You have a great site here. Please visit our site and sign our guest book. Cheers Rick.
11th August 1998
Eddie Hill, Wigan, Lancs
One of the best sites yet! Easy navigation, Good Music - Well Done!
Eddie Hill, Soprano player, Golborne Band (Wigan - 2nd section ). (Ex. CWS Manchester, Middleton, Thornset, Central Manchester)
6th August 1998
David Hirst, Brighouse & Rastrick
Great site - have bookmarked this as my first port of call
3rd July 1998
Kim Francis, Hawera,New Zealand
Excellent site. I play for the Hawera Municipal Brass Band,who have just triumphed at our recent national competition in the C grade(third section),due to the skill of our recently imported English Conductor. Thanks.
24th June 1998
Karen Schache, Adelaide, Australia
Thanks for the experience of your groovy website. It was most informative and entertaining. My family and I are interested in travelling to the UK to holiday there and as my Father is a keen brass bandsman I thought it would be great if we could incorporate visiting some brass band competitions in Britain. Hoping it will be possible for you to provide me with some information regarding dates, times and places where there are competitions in the upcoming months of 1998 and 1999.
24th June 1998
Peter Greenwood, Bannockburn, Victoria, Australia
Best wishes for future successes in the contest field. Peter Greenwood
16th June 1998
Dylan Williams, Deiniolen, North Wales
Website: The Deiniolen Silver Band Web Site
Excellent site - keep up the good work. Great to see you've added us to your links page! See you all at the Finals in September - look out for us in Section 2!
16th June 1998
Ruth Wilson, Farndon and District Band
Interesting Site. I wish our band could have our own page!
14th June 1998
Gary Bricault, Rochester, NY USA
Website: Gary's Music Page
Loved visiting your site. Please come visit mine. This ebCard concept is great.
4th June 1998
Barrie Gott, Brisbane, Australia
Website: Brisbane Excelsior Band
If you are interested in my compositions for band contact me.
25th May 1998
Steve Stokes, London
I am not sure if the guestbook accepted my notes as there seemed to be an error. Superb site. See you at the Harrogate finals. Any chance of some help if we were to try and get lottery funding?
Steve, Becontree Brass Band, London
25th May 1998
Gareth Dunley, Llanelli, S. Wales
Website: The Midi Gardun Centre
Excellent site; jokes etc. are brilliant. All the best and love to everyone that knows me (probably no-one!!) Just you watch out for Llanelli & District Youth Brass!
6th May 1998
Lucy Turner, York Railway Institute
Hi! Finally got around to looking at this. Congrats on the contest result - maybe get to hear you play in the final. Make sure Dave Gall knows I've sent this, so he stops nagging me about it.
28th April 1998
Svein Are Tjeldnes, Norway
Website: Svein Are's World
Hi Harrogate!
This is truly a magnificent piece of work. I personally hold your homepage as one of the top five brass band sites on the net. Nice to know some of the history of the Brass Band. Visit our page if you care to: Tromsø Brass - Click on the Union Jack for the English version.
Best regards, Svein Are Tjeldnes, Percussion, Tromsø Brass
19th April 1998
Cathy Hill
Website: The Foss Dyke Band
What a wonderful site!! We are just getting started with ours. Visit us if you get a chance. Would you mind if we added you to our list of links? (if it ever gets finished) Or link us with yours? What did you use to create your site? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help!!
Cathy Hill, Web Guardian for the Foss Dyke Band
19th April 1998
David J Parsons, Wincanton, Somerset
Enjoyed visiting your site. Look forward to visiting Harrogate in September for the National Finals with the Wincanton Band. From two dedicated bandspeople, Best wishes from David & Miriam.
31st March 1998
Ralph Little, Skelmanthorpe
Website: The Skelmanthorpe Band
Hi. Thanks for including our web page into your link list. I have only just started it, so it's a bit simple at the moment, and I don't seem to get much time these days. Watch this space however. Congrats. on a really professional page! Lots of useful info.
28th March 1998
Carol Webster, Derby
Website: Derwent Brass
I have just found your web site on the internet and would like to congratulate you on an excellent site! Whilst viewing the 'IBEW', I noticed that you had my band on the list - Derwent Brass. Thanks for adding us! The URL for the site has now changed though so I thought I would let you know what the new address is. Thanks! Carol
26th March 1998
Alistair Richards, Amersham
Website: Amersham Band
Hi Gavin, I'm writing a bit of a request to you regarding the Harrogate Brass Band web site. I am a member of a fourth section brass band based in Amersham in Buckinghamshire and I have recently put together a web site to promote the band in the depths of cyber-space!!! Would it be possible if the site could be linked to your UK Brass Bands web page so others could also access it. I would place links to the Harrogate site on the Amersham Band web site in return. The Amersham Band web site is still undergoing construction (of course!!!!) but it's pretty much there at the moment. Let me know what you think - it's not quite in the same class as your site (no Java applets or anything as yet, but time will tell!!!!), but it really is a wonderful medium for advertising the band!!! Hope to hear from you soon.
23rd March 1998
Gry Viola Rian, Norway
Website: Eikanger-Bjorsvik Musikklag
Love your web-pages! Could you please include us on your Norwegian linkpage. Eikanger-Bjorsvik Musikklag is finally on the Net - please visit us! We are all looking forward to visiting Great Britain in the Easter!! Regards, Gry Viola Rian (flugelplayer in EBML).
18th March 1998
Alte Salte, Stavanger, Norway
Website: Stavanger Salvation Army Band
Gavin, I looked into your site today, and I have to say that it's very good!!!!! Nice changes you have done! Myself, have to much to do these days, 13 hours overtime last week.... and this week looks even worse..... Regards,
Atle Salte
17th March 1998
Justin Ferguson, Todmorden
Gavin, You probably do not remember me, Justin Ferguson. I came with you on the trip to Germany on Eb bass. Glad to see you are still playing, and I recognised some of the players on the picture. I am married and live in Todmorden, now and play for Todmorden Old Band. The band room is 5 minutes down the road. Looking forward to the 1st section National at Harrogate!
I thoroughly enjoyed the web-site!

5th March 1998
Lee Durrant/Paul Stamp , Rowntree Band York
All the very best of luck for the area championships on Sunday 22 March 1998, how's CULLODEN MOOR sounding? See you in the bar for the postmortem.
28th February 1998
Björn Lindgren , Sorunda, Sweden
A very nice site. I wonder if there is a better brass band site. Please tell me if there is? With greetings from Björn Lindgren.
23rd February
Philip Anderton, Sidney, Australia
Website: Warringah Concert Brass
I have just been perousing your impressive web page. It must be the best in the business. Did you create the Javascript? Thank you for the reference to the Photographic Page. I do not know how far this will go - I will just keep adding photos and descriptions until I run out of hard disk space! I will be in the UK from November to February 1999, and I would like to catch up with some Northern England band people on weekends (unfortunately I must be based in London for work reasons). I would love to meet you then if possible and come to a practice or two - would this be possible? Sincerely
22nd February 1998
Marcel Boom, The Netherlands
Hello Gavin, After some time I came back to the Harrogate band site to find some information to put in a flyer about banding. I must say that the Harrogate Site is the best brass band site I have ever seen. It must have took some time to gather and not to forget publish the information! Keep up the good work!
BTW - Are you going to visit the EBBC in Kerkrade? Brass Band Limburg (yes I have returned) is going to participate as a result of a 2nd place in the Dutch Nationals. Best regards!!
15th February 1998
Catherine Hannaway, Andover, Hampshire
Dear Gavin and All, Congratulations on a very interesting web site. I could really run up my phone bill reading it all in great detail. Who needs to buy 'Come listen to the band' when you can hear it on the internet?'. It's OK I already have a copy -- it was in my Christmas stocking! Delighted to hear your news about the lottery grant, and will look forward to seeing your new set of instruments. Good luck at the Darlington contest. Greetings to all,
Catherine Hannaway (nee Hallums). (Founder Member, Harrogate Band)
28th January 1998
Melanie Whitehead, Canada
Dear Sir; My name is Melanie and I just wanted to thank you for your very interesting and informative web site. I am a 17 yr. old student who is currently rehearsing with a 90 piece band preparing to travel to Harrogate in March of 1998. We are from Canada and we will be visiting a local high school for several days and billeting with the local families. Maybe we'll be able to see a performance of your group while we are there. Thanks again for all the info! Take care!!
Sincerely Yours.
23rd January 1998
Brian Wright ,Southport, Lancs
Website: Marshside Brass Band
Keep up the good work!!!
16th January 1998
Lucy, Harrogate
Congratulations on having the best cornet section ever. Neil is good, but Neil is better. By the way, Neil says he can't make Sunday's practice. Sorry. Very good pages generally, but could do with some more recent photos, with the newer, better cornet section. Thanks, Bye, love Lucy and Neil.
16th January 1998
Simon Middleton , Portsmouth
Dear Gavin, just dropping a line to say how much I enjoyed reading split notes on the internet. It is good to hear that Northern Bands are still going, as I dont hear that much down here in Portsmouth. Are you now a 2nd section band? I was a little confused! I am in a 2nd section band down here (we just got demoted from the 1st section!!), its a shame, but there you go. Hope any contesting coming up goes well, thanks for the cracking newsletter,
Simon Middleton, (Secretary, Solent Concert Band)
1st January 1998
Ian Fletcher Jones, Mirfield - West Yorks
Got the info via my father Roy Fletcher. Very good pages, very well put together. All the best.
31st December 1997
John Wynne, Buckly, North Wales
I play Flugel Horn for the Royal Buckley Town band. I just happened upon your Internet Page. It is one of the best I have come across. We are a 2nd Section band in Wales and a currently 2nd place in the rankings, so with a good result in the Welsh Area in Swansea we could get promotion to the 1st Section. I have previously played in the 1st section with United Co-Op band Crewe. Best wishes for the future. John.
31st December 1997
Kerst Buis, The Netherlands
Very nice site. Wish you very much pleasure in playing brass music. I for myself play Es Bass in brass band Soli deo Gloria, recently nown as SOLI BRASS. greetings; Kerst Buis
31st December 1997
Douglas Thacker, South Portland, Maine, USA
Website: Casco Bay Concert Band
Surfed in from Cycle of Fifths web ring. Nice site. Sounds like you folks are busy. Good luck.
16th December 1997
Bruce Jones, Huddersfield
Website: Huddersfield Youth Brass Ensemble Association
The website is spot on. Well constructed and easy to navigate. We are producing an advertising brochure (which will naturally have your website address in it!) and would like to use the potted histories on your site as an educational article. Is this OK? and if so who's the author to be credited? Thanks, Bruce Jones, Secretary Huddersfield Youth Brass Ensemble Association.
10th December 1997
Dave Deakin, Kidderminster
Website: The Stourport band Web Site!
Don't think I had actually put an entry in here yet. Thanks for the links to our site - much appreciated. Hopefully our counter will be reading something like yours soon. Yours is still the most comprehensive band site on the 'net (I think). BTW who is this Matt Chicowicz character? I'd love to hear what he would have to say about my lot ;-)
10th December 1997
Judith Hayes, Rugby, UK (disenfranchised Yorkshirewoman)
Website: Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band
I am suitably humbled. Our band homepage, which I thought was a mere fledgling, is actually little more than a barely fertilized clump of cells. Never mind. Liked your page. I will not have the temerity to request a link on it to our page. You can get there via Nigel Horne's page. Keep it up!
7th December 1997
Kerry Williams, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
Fun site! I am a member of a fledgling brass band here in Winnipeg and we are looking for new BB music in the same difficulty class as Resurgam and Downland Suite. If someone there knows of any good pieces matching that description and some good publishers to order music from we'd really appreciate it. We can be contacted via email at "". It sounds like you guys have a great band. If I ever get to England I'll be sure to look you up.
Cheers! Kerry
6th December 1997
Izzy Clarke, Riddings Band
Good luck at the area!
1st December 1997
Chris Vale, Leeds College of Music
I'm currently looking for a band to join and was sent to this page by the gentleman who's incharge of the bands network page on the Net. I'm too sure whether or not I would be able to get to your area conveniently, but I'm looking into it and may get in touch with you about the band in the near future, if that's O.K. I'm a first study pianist, but I havre Grade 8 trumpet and play in many ensembles. I've played with the Dorset Philharmonic Orch. the Wessex Youth Band, the Pillowell Silver Band, the Shroton Silver Band ,the REME Military Staff Band and the Royal Signals Military Band. I thoroughly enjoy playing in bands and am not looking to try and show off and ask a band to take me on first or principal, but am just looking for some enjoyment in playing and so would be comfortable in any section. I will try and get back to you once I have looked into travelling etc. thankyou for your time. Chris Vale
29th November 1997
Patrick Ferrill, Redfield Arkansas USA
If you see John & Anne towers of Birstwith,tell em i said have a nice band & web site.
27th November 1997
Noel Hunt, Glenorchy, Tasmania
Website: Glenorchy City Concert Brass
I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your page .It appears Glenorchy City Band is not the only band to 'be robbed' at a competition.Please add me to your list for any brass band info. Cheers from Tasmania, Australia.
Noel Hunt, Principal beer taster, GCCB
26th November 1997
Bart van de Rijt, The Netherlands
Dear Gavin, Your homepage is one of the ultimate brassband pages! Does the Harrowgate band give any concert in 1998 or 1999 in the Netherlands/Belgium? Please let me know. Greetings, Bart van de Rijt
26th November 1997
Bart van de Rijt, The Netherlands
Uptill now, the Harrowgate page is the most complete brassband page. The links shows a full scope of brassbandlife. Perhaps the band must be innovative too (?) I'm a brass enthousiast, playing cornet at Brassband "De Vooruitgang" in Nuenen (near Eindhoven, southern Netherlands)
25th November 1997
Graham Mills, Fiji
Dear Gavin, Thanks for your prompt reply. After I wrote I then proceded to surf on through all the links you are netted to. Amazing, I was in the US, Norway, Oz etc, and to think I have only just discovered all this BB stuff on the net.
Bands in Oceania. In Fiji there is the Royal Fiji Police Band and the Army Band. Both are military bands with those squeeky things. The SA have a small BB, and I am currently attempting to get one together at the University. There is the National Youth Band, which cant decide what it is. Thats about it for Fiji. In Tonga they have got literaly dozens of BBs, make their own CDs etc. You will notice from your list of publications a book by Ballou, Brass Bands in the Pacific.. Its only just got into my library, I'll collect it this afternoon and report back further. Thanks again Graham.
24th November 1997
Graham Mills, Fiji
Dear Harrogate Brass Band, Just by chance while surfing the net out here in Fiji I came across your page. Fantastic. In your section on Brass Band Books, which was very comprehensive, you missed an important publication, namely mine. It is a sociology PhD dissertation. "The Boys in the Band: The Cultural Creation of Community" by Graham G. Mills, Department of Sociology, Macquarie University, North Ryde, NSW. Australia, 1986, pp.450.
17th November 1997
Richard Ellis, Frickley South Elmsall Brass Band ("Simply the Best". Blackpool winners 1996 and 1997)
Very interesting web site.
11th November 1997
David Hitchman, Midland CD Club
Website: Midland CD Club
Thanks for putting my company on your webb site. Keep up the good work, with regards, David Hitchman
29th October 1997
Marcel Boom, Netherlands
Hello again my friends I was checking up on the page and I read Mat Chicowiczes article and what a Intelligent guy I have related his Ideas to my playing and what a incredible differance they make. I hope the article was read out to the band as I am sure they will benefit from it. Speak to you all soon
24th October 1997
Hugo Magliocco (professor of trombone at this university), Macomb, Illinois, USA
Website: Brass at Western Illinois University
This is a GREAT! site. Thank you. I BELIEVE I had the pleasure of hearing your band at the 1992 Finals in London (Royal Albert). Thrilling experience! I and a fellow brass bands enthusiast are presenting a lecture on the film BRASSED OFF and your material will be immensely helpful.
Congratulations on having a SUPER! site. Highly informative, interesting, and enjoyable to read. Thanks. Give a look at my (our) page here at university.
22nd October 1997
Norman Baker, Holloway
What a nice website I had heard about the report that Matt Chicowicz sent to you and my local brass band have used the methods he talks about and he is so very true Brass Bands are stuck in the past out of no bodies doing but there own you should display the message and sit and think about it the only thing I don`t agree with is the way it is written but he is obviously a man who gets virtuoso results the article should be put up for more discussion.
21st October 1997
Matt Chicowicz, USA
This entry has been edited to remove offensive language
Dear band you are very good when it comes to advertising your selves but let us look at this in the real world how do you fare when it comes to playing if you guys can play as good as you talk well watch out world. All the time that you bunch of backward unexciting persons spend updating and constructing this page which judging by your guest book only attracts people who have nothing better to do, this money could be put to much better use on ensemble training and one to one training for your sadly deprived musicians. How much money did you screw the national lottery for to get sue and steve morland equiped with a computer to waste time. that time you have wasted could have been better used in the bandroom, I heard your band when I was across on the way to a Seminar in Japan. The main things that bugged me were.....
1.Lack of ensemble
2.Lack of basic brass knowledge how many of your band members could explain the most efficient way to breath!!!
3.Lack of good leadership qualities - PLAY AS A TEAM
4.Lack of excitment pp dynamics are still as exciting as FF which you do not seemed to have grasped the concept of yet.
5. the tuning was very bad this might please the blue rinse brigade but a trained ear is just laughing at you.
6.The ensemble does not have a group style and personality and niether does the key players.
You all seem to think that you can go out and buy good brass playing well my freinds I am very sorry that is wrong good brass players realise this from a very tender age.
This article is a serious one and I would like to see some replies to it so do not erase it as i will check weekly thank you for your time and don`t be hurt by this, this is the real world you might learn and improve from this.
16th October 1997
Al, Jayess '87
Jayess '87 rule O.K.
13th October 1997
Dave Bunce, Plymouth, Devon
A VERY nice site, well thought out. I like the info on just what a Brass Band is as well as the links. I play for St Pinnock in Cornwall and I think I'll suggest a similar thing to the powers that be. Good work - well done.
13th October 1997
Thomas Doyle, Takoma Park, Maryland, USA
I'm an incurable anglophile yank. Played the trumpet in the school band and never got it out of my system. I'm having terrible difficulty finding recordings over here of British brass band music. Nobody knows what it is. I feel like a great anorak every time I ask about recordings at the record shops. Can you help me find recordings? Thanks.
8th October 1997
Jon Fromreide, Norway
Hello Gavin! I'm a Brass Band player in a Norwgian band called Asker Brass Band. I would like if you could send me a mail when the CD "Come follow the Band" is ready for delivery. Best Regards, Jon Fromreide
4th October 1997
Steve Shawcross, Sale, Manchester
Sale Brass Band (South Manchester)
Great Idea to spread the news! - Good to read your good fortunes, if we manage to get extra players in maybe we'll get round to performing a bit more. (Need Principle Euph, Cornets, Bass Trom and BBb Bass players)
21st September 1997
Christine Joneit, Ottawa, Canada
Website: Heritage of Military Bands of the World
Good Day from Ottawa, Canada,.. Super site you have,...just thought I'd drop you a note to say that I've added links to two of your pages,...could have done more, but the readers will find all of your site from them. If you can add a link to us, I'd appreaciate it. Have fun and keep playing,.. All the best from CA, Christine
18th September 1997
Charles Biscoe, Wellington, Somerset
Website: Wellington Silver Band
Excellent site!! Is this the route by which I can add our link to your pages? Charles
14th September 1997
John Garrett, Dublin
Greetings From St.George's Brass Band, Dublin, founded 1926. We're not competition standard but we enjoy playing in the parks in the summer and the occasional concert during the Winter.
8th September 1997
David Williams, Wiltshire
Thank goodness that brass bands have moved into the computer age. I'm sure that the existence of websites such as yours will ensure that brass bands aren't stuck in the past.
7th September 1997
Jim Britcliffe, Crewe
Website: The United Co-op Band (Crewe)
A great web site. Any chance of linking to The United Co-op Band (Crewe) web page ? The URL is I will, of course put a link on my page back here.
13th August 1997
Robert Coyle, Northern Ireland
I love brass bands. I play in St. Josephs brass band Strabane. We are fifty years old this year. We celebrated by hosting the world famous Black Dyke Mills band - it was fantastic. Keep up the good work and keep the spirit of brass alive. The site is very intresting and it was good going through it. Thanks. God bless.
10th August 1997
Peter K. MacLeod, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada
I am hoping to slip in to see a rehersal next Sunday morning, August 17th in the expectation that there may be one. I'll check the possibility out later in the week. I fly into the UK tomorrow evening and hit Harrogate for a wedding next Saturday. Looking forward to it!
4th August 1997
Craig Hall
Dear Gavin, Is playing in a brass band as much fun as it sounds? Is the music for EEb tuba in concert pitch? I've ordered an EEb Besson, and I'm all prepared to transpose. What brand of tuba, and what sort of mouthpiece are you using? I enjoyed the Harrogate Brass Band page, all the history and stuff was interesting. I look forward to hearing from you, Keep blowing that horn!
1st August 1997
Neil Watson, High Wycombe, Bucks
Great links page + liked the humour (I think that's the model of Euph I play!) All the best,
Neil (Sec, Marlow Town Band)
29th July 1997
Roger Webber, Elm Park,Romford,Essex
Very interesting . I play in Romford SA Band . I have played in many bands including Enfield SA and Hanwell Band . Well done
19th July 1997
Adam Lawson, Napa, California
Website: Nordic Entertainment Worldwide
You have a terrific page of links on your site and I wonder if you wouldn't mind adding one for Nordic Downloadable Music Site. Nordic made history on March 5th 1997 by releasing the technology for consumers to buy music from major name artist at home, directly through the Internet with no shipping involved. Billboard Magazine recently featured the site, which is credited with being the very first company to sell music titles over the Internet. Nordic offers a 10 Gig MPEG Music Archive available for download, a free shareware page of audio players, a detailed collectors record database, links to other music sites and other industry resources (Directory of Independent Labels, Recording Studios and Talent Agencies). The link may fit nicely on your links page .
3rd July 1997
Richard Hanson, Methley, Leeds
A very interesting read.
28th June 1997
Ken Todd, Gastonia NC, USA
Enjoyed your music while I was stationed in Harrogate...I was the Drummer for Brian Cliffs orchestra..The Parr Five. If any one sees Brian or Bob Mason please send my regards....
25th June 1997
Peter Fitchett, Oldham (principal percussion @ Wingates)
Nice humour page !
25th June 1997
Nigel Sutherland, Malton
Website: Stape Silver Band
How about a massed bands concert? We're not too far away. Get in touch if you're interested, could be a fun night.
25th June 1997
Alwyn Nichols, Cardiff
I really enjoyed the page it is the best brass band page I have yet seen. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THE BAND would it be possible to have an audio section. Also Philip Wilby is from your area has he written anything for your band?
24th June 1997
Norman C. Klumpp, Loveland, Colorado
I'm a symphonic Bass Trombone player and have played British Brass Band Music with great enjoyment and honor!
21st June 1997
Nathan Havercroft, Kansas
Website: Barnetby Silver Band
First off I would like to congratulte you on a great site. I played in brass bands for many years having been born and raised in a banding family, however I am currently in the USA and the number of brass bands in Kansas is not too many !!! However I have turned my attention to HTML and wish to inform you of my site for the band I played with for most of my time in the UK. The bands name is "Barnetby Silver Band" and is from Barnetby in North Lincolnshire, the URL address is
I would be most grateful if you could add a link on your site and I shall be doing the same shortly. Thanks
15th June 1997
Mark & Janet, Beeston & Cookridge
Well done , we thought the amusement pages were excellent!
1st June 1997
Charles Hindmarsh
Hi there! Just a quick note to say that I've seen your WWW home page which looks very good. I'm trying to organise a similar home page for the Yorkshire Evening Post band on my web server at work, but it's not yet complete. Anyway how is things ? It sounds as if the band is doing really well. Pass my regards on to everyone.... and if you do need help in the bass section feel free to call. Home no. 01132 585819.
Best wishes, Charles
30th May 1997
David Woodcock, New Zealand
Website: Green Bay Publishing
I was wondering if you would like to make your comprehensive links page even more so by drawing your attention to my company. We are music publishers based in New Zealand, specializing in music for bands and brass/woodwind solos and ensembles. Thanks for your time and keep up the excellent work.
28th May 1997
Beau Michael, California USA
Website: Music Minus One
I was visiting the Freckelton Band on the Internet and found you. I found the Band site a fantastic place to visit. I have a site for Instrumentalists and Vocalists and it is located at I invite you to come by anytime if only just to say hi.
Regards, Beau
23th May 1997
Torfi Karl Antonsson, Reykjavik, Iceland
Website: Lúðrasveit Verkalýðsins
Greetings from Workers Concert Band in Reykjavik, Iceland.
6th May 1997
Stephen Klein, Cerritos (near Los Angeles), California
I am a free-lance tubist in Southern California. I do many live performances, as well as some TV and movie work. I have always been interested in the brass band phenomenon. Brass players in the U.K. are very fortunate to have such an outlet. This is also a very interesting and well-done Web site. I hope some day your travels may take you to the U.S. Good luck in your next competition.
2nd May 1997
Julie Hedley, Cheltenham
Play for Forest of Dean Brass, prior to that Greggs Bakery Band in the Northern region. Qualified for finals in Birmingham in September ( 2nd section)
May 1997
UK Plus
A typical brass band - except they've taken advantage of the WWW to publicise themselves and keep fans fully informed of their activities and achievements. For good measure, a full list of brassy links around the world.
28th April 1997
Bill Walker, British Columbia, Canada
As a child I played third cornet for Shotton Colliery Silver Prize Band (Co Durham). Although I was never a very assidious student of music the love of band music has never left me. I regret having not devoted myself more fully but I do have an interest in music. I think my musical interests are best described as eclectic, however my hair stands upon end when I hear Old Comrades, Punchinello and such marches. I do remember playing at Bellvue in Manchester in the 40s where the test piece was a selection from the Messiah. We were in the third or fourth division where the only distinguishments I recall were: I got a boil on my bum and I love the Messiah these many years later. I regret that there are so few brass bands left in the UK since without bands I don't know what I would have today. At the moment in our part of Canada school bands are being discontinued because of economic reasons. I believe this to be a great folly because without the musical experience as children we are really deprived. Wonderful to hear of you... good luck... keep up the good work and more power to you. Brass Bands gave the working man a pride which today is the sole possesion of the rich.
22nd April 1997
Marcel Boom, Netherlands
Hello Gavin, Do you remember me? I was that odd tuba player from the Netherlands who joined a rehearsal some weeks ago. I was on your new home page and it looks great! Would you please be so kind to add a link to the home page of "Harmonie St. Cecilia Mheer" in the "wind bands area" (Link). Thanx,
good luck in Scarborough, or am I too late? Marcel.
18th April 1997
Mr Motivator
18th April 1997
C. Lydiatt, Bolton
Very good site.
9th April 1997
Liv Olafsson, Bergen, Norway
I play with the Norwegian top section band Tertnes Brass. On Harrogate's homepage you have a link to my band, but this adress is an old one. Our new adress is "". I would appreciate it if you could change this on your homepage. I have to say your homepage is a nice one.
Sincerely, Liv Solveig Olafsson, Institutt for informasjonsvitenskap, Universitetet i Bergen
20th March 1997
Paul Benyon, Martlesham, Suffolk
Website: Martlesham Brass Home Page
We are a new band formed six months ago, so we thought that we would let everyone know we exist and invite them to visit our pages. The core of the band is a very enthusiastic group of youngsters who are backed up by equally enthusiastic parents (our youngest member plays the drums and he's five!!). We've been on the Internet for about three months and put all our newsletters etc on there which is cool!! Maybe you could add our home page to your list of links. Our URL is and our e-mail address is
19th March 1997
Rick Miller, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
I had the great pleasure of living in Harrogate '71-'74. Enjoyed your performances in the Valley Gardens. Will be enjoying a long-awaited holiday in Harrogate from approimately June 1 thru 9. I checked your schedule and do not see a performance during this period. I'll check again prior to leaving for UK and again when I arrive in Harrogate. Warmest regards from an old admirer of the band.
14th March 1997
Rachel Higginson, Newcastle University
I'm the daughter of ex-MD John Higginson and was practically brought up in the band, so it's good to see the band on the WWW. I'm still playing, currently with Felling (NE 2nd section), although I am having some time off at the moment. I'm now 19 (time flies, I used to sit in the trombone section when I was 2!!!!) and studying dentistry. I may pop along for a blow if you'll have me!!! Best of luck for the future, Rachel Higginson (principal cornet, The Felling Band)
10th March 1997
Marcel Boom, Netherlands
Website: Homepage
Got news from you via the brassband mailing list. Hope to play with you soon!
25th February 1997
Kirk Hoogstad, Spokane, Washington
Enjoyed your web page keep up the good work and playing. I will visit again sometime.
24th February 1997
Stella Pilling, Boroughbridge
Have just found the Harrogate Band page - very impressive! A band called Besses o'the Barn are coming to play at St Peter's church in May. How best could I advertise this fact in the world of brass band afficionados?
17th February 1997
W.A.(Tony)Crosse, Gawler, South Australia
A very interesting page. Before and just after the war we did the summer season at Harrogate, my father played french horn which performed in the Valley Gardens and in the evenings at the Winter Gardens (?) I am ex Besses and RAF Musician living for the past 26 years in SA and still active in music.
17th February 1997
Alison Baxter, Johnstone Silver Band, Glasgow
Loved your humour page and will be distributing the same at the next rehearsal
12th February 1997
Garry Kennedy, Newtongrange (The 3rd best band in Scotland)
Hi, keep it up. Its good to see bands such as yourself going on the net. I play with the Dalkeith and Monktonhall Colliery band (solo trombone). 3 years ago we nearly got relegated to the 3rd section. Last year we were Scottish First section champions and are playing 'Lawry's Sketchbook' for the Scottish Championships in March. Hopefully your band can emulate the recent success of mine. I wish you all the best for the future.
10th February 1997
David Firth, Nantwich
Website: Presentation and Facilities
Found the pages by accident really - very impressive and interesting. More bands should do it. First band - Morecambe 1966 - 1983 - played at Hardrow Scar many times and toured Germany. Father still band Secretary. National finals 1979 4th section. The band has had lots of success in recent years climbing to the 1st section nationally. Were one of the first bands to gain big money from the Lottery and also own there own fantastic band room with loads of different rooms for sectionals, meetings, refreshments, changing etc etc best I've seen anywhere. I still go and play there when ever I am visiting my Father. The Summer park jobs are still some of the best in my annual calendar. Second band - Bath Spa 1983 - 1987 Third band - United Co op Crewe 1987 - 1991 -toured Holland twice and played in Isle of Man Fourth band - Cheshire Constabulary 1991 - 1994. Fifth band - City of Stoke on Trent 1994 1997 - National finals 1994 2nd section. Sixth band - United Co op NORMID 2000, 1997 - ? third section - joined Jan 97. Still going strong and back on the front row with this band - have played Rep in all bands above and had spells on 2nd and 3rd cornet depending on relative strength of the band at the time. Had a third place yesterday at Preston - big hopes for the Nationals - hope to see you there. David
5th February 1997
Jeffrey Clymer, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Website: Cincinnati Brass Band
Your link to the North American Brass Band Association should have two "b"s, although the link you have now is far more interesting (Butterflies!). Also, the site for the Territorial Brass Band of Oklahoma seems to have disappeared. Regards, Jeff Clymer
2nd February 1997
Nev James, Tintwistle
Gavin, Greetings from the Tintwistle Band and congratulations on producing some fine web pages. I notice that you have a link to our site - unfortunately the URL you have is out of date! I'd be very grateful if you could update your link to: I'll include a link to Harrogate Band from our site. Your band seems to have had quite a bit of success over recent years, so here's wishing you further success in 1997.
30th January 1997
Bridgette Goold, Deal, Kent
Website: Margate Silver Band's Homepage
Excellent Web Page lots of good links to other bands. Please would you be kind enough to make a link to our home page, I have made a link to yours, unfortunately only to the Brass Band Links Section, will amend soon to include the Harrogate Band's Homepage. Many Thanks
Bridgette Goold (Principal Cornet & Secretary)
5th January 1997
Mike Murphy, Stamford, CT. USA
You have a wonderful homepage.I love Brass Band Music. I played euphonium years ago in Ireland. It's very hard to get recordings here in the US. I was surfing around trying to find an outlet. My son got me some Black Dyke Mills for Christmas in Virgin Records in New York city.GREAT STUFF. I'll have to get in there and check it out. Anyhow enough of that. Keep blowing and good luck for 1997.
29th December 1996
MIKE YOUNG, Ferndown Concert Brass. Dorset nr Poole
Very interesting. I am calling from Cyprus on "" whilst visiting my daughter and her husband Steve I shall be back in Dorset around Jan 11th 1997
29th December 1996
Mike Rogerson, Brisbane Australia
Hi Gavin, My name is Mike Rogerson. Ruth (my wife) and I were founder members of the White Rose Concert Band in Harrogate. Today I was "surfing the Net" when I came across your home page. I still recognise some of the surnames in your membership list. Please say hello to the Stockdale family for me.
I left the UK in 1988 and am now the Secretary of the Laurie Young Concert Band in Brisbane, Australia. Please have a look at our home page at to find out more about us. Best regards.
23rd December 1996
Egbert Kool, Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
Website: Drum & Trumpet Corps "Rijnmondband" Schiedam Holland
Nice Homepage! I don't no if your list of other bands is only for brassbands, but I would really like it if you add our page to your list. We are a Drum and Trumpet Corps with an 'English' style, based upon your Royal Marines. I wish a very musical 1997! greetings, Egbert Kool
22nd December 1996
k hickey, Harrogate
I came to barbados to see the harrogate brass band!
20th December 1996
Tony Watt, London
I found you from a search for Harrogate in Yahoo. I went to school in Harrogate & indeed used to play in the Harrogate Granby High School Concert Band in the 70s so remember Neil Richmond well.
16th December 1996
Roy Huddart, Harrogate
I am a Committee Member of the Harrogate Granby High School Concert Band and I am hoping to create a web page like yours. (I was actually searching for something else when I found you!) May I say I am heartily impressed by your page and I hope ours will come out half as well. One day!
15th December 1996
J.Carlton Rowe, Brass Band of Battle Creek
Graet web site
14th September 1996
Anthony Banwell
Take a look at our site - Tredegar Town Band. I would be grateful if you would pass it on to other brass enthusiasts!
12th August 1996
Bruce Lang, Brisbane Australia
Just found all of thses great brass band homepages with their wonderful pictures but you have only six entries in the guest book. We cannoty let that continue can we. Greetings from an old eupho player in the warmer climates of Australia.
16th August 1996
Vanessa Ford
Hi! Just a note to congratulate you on your Band's homepage, and to inform you of the Yorkshire Building Society Band's new homepage which can be found at:
Please do come in and have a look around - and don't forget to sign the visitors book! Also would it be possible for you to include a link to our page on yours? You'll find a link to your band page under "brass band links" Thanks!
25th July 1996
Phil Anderton, Sidney Australia
Hello Gavin,
A quick look shows a very professional presentation. I'm afraid ours was thrown together in a day. You have motivated me to organise some pictures of the band playing in front of Sydney Opera House, etc. Our site (Warringah) is already on your overseas list - thank you! I appreciate how convenient it is for me having direct access to the internet. Our server is my work machine here at UNSW. Best regards, Phil Anderton
23rd July 1996
Ralph Jones
Gavin, I love the new Harrogate Brassband Page! It is very professionally presented.
Of particular interest to me are the areas giving information and history of the Harrogate Band and the areas about the history of banding in general. It is very useful and certainly an improvement over the usual page of solely "provincial" interest.
I am very flattered by your inclusion of my Trumpet Page on your otherwise quite impresive links page. Thank you. I certainly appreciate the cross-link!
Although I am presently visiting in Dallas, Texas (650 miles from home), I will list the Harrogate Band on my "Brass Bands" page as soon as possible even thouh I will have to make a long distance call for ftp. Congratulations on your new page!
7th July 1996
Geoffrey Collins, Rochester, Kent
Nice page, good to see more bands. Maybe one day we will have one.
Geoff Collins, GEC-Marconi Avionics Brass Band
29th June 1996
Dave Lee
Gavin - just briefly looked at your web page - very good! (ours is much more simple - but seems to take a fair bit of time to keep it sorted!)
Please give my regards to David Lancaster - I have both played with him (as a dep with Godalming) and under him whilst he conducted Runnymede (again I was a dep!). Also pass the regards of another - Nick Morris - our MD and and old pal of David's.
David Lee, Epsom & Ewell Band