Harrogate Band Rules


  1. The Band is managed by an elected Executive Committee which meets on a monthly basis. The Annual General Meeting of the Band is usually held in March of each year. The Constitution of The Harrogate Band establishes the framework within which the Band operates, and copies are available from the General Secretary.
  2. All matters concerning the organisation, planning, operation and financing of the Band should be referred to the Executive Committee for discussion and action.
  3. Members of the Band are requested to inform the Executive Committee, through the General Secretary, or any other Officer, of any suggestions, ideas or complaints concerning the Band's activities.


  1. Applications for membership shall be in writing to the General Secretary on the designated membership application form.
  2. Players may be required to be auditioned by the Musical Director.
  3. Players may be required to serve three months probation before being formally elected as Full Members of the Band.
  4. Election as a Full Member of the Band will follow approval of the membership application at an Executive Committee Meeting.
  5. Subscriptions are payable for Full Members, with reductions for students in full-time education and Members who are retired. These subscriptions are reviewed annually and may be paid annually or quarterly in advance.
  6. The Band rehearses twice a week, on Wednesday evenings (20:00 - 22:00) and Sunday evenings (18:45 - 20:45). Visitors (playing or non-playing) are always welcome.
  7. Playing Members of the Band are registered as members of The Harrogate Band with the British Brass Band Registry. The Band itself is a member of the British Federation of Brass Bands, and the Yorkshire and Humberside Brass Band Association.
  8. Members wishing to resign from the Band shall do so in writing to the General Secretary, giving at least one month's notice. Playing Members who resign may seek, or be offered, Associate Membership of the Band to maintain a non-playing association with the Band.
  9. The Executive Committee shall have the power, by notice in writing to a member, summarily to terminate his membership of the Band in any of the following events:
    • If such a member is considered to be in arrears with regard to his Annual Subscription or any other monies owed to the Band.
    • If such a member is guilty of any grave misconduct which, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, is detrimental to Band wheresoever it occurs.
    • If, in the opinion of the Musical Director, the musical standard of the individual is not maintained to an adequate level, and this view is endorsed by the Executive Committee.
    • If such a member is considered to be in breach of the Band Rules and, following appropriate warnings, has not improved his conduct.
  10. A member whose membership is terminated under the above, or a member who voluntarily resigns, shall return all Band property held at the termination of his membership, in such a condition as shall satisfy the Executive Committee.


  1. Members shall at all times conduct themselves in an acceptable manner and with consideration for other Members and the general public. Bad behaviour and language will not be accepted. The deportment, appearance and total demeanour of the Band is part of the service the Band provides to its clients and has to be as high a standard as the musical performance.
  2. Playing Members are expected to attend each scheduled Band rehearsal and engagement.
  3. Playing Members must indicate on the Band Engagement Sheets whether or not they are available for the engagement as early as possible. The unavailability of any particular player can only be handled effectively when there is sufficient time to make alternative arrangements, if appropriate.
  4. Playing Members must indicate on the Band Rehearsal Sheets if they will be unavailable for any scheduled rehearsals. This indication should be made as early as possible so that changes to the rehearsal can be considered in advance if necessary.
  5. In the event of short notice, or last minute, unavailability, playing Members must make every effort to inform the Bandmaster, or other Officer, in person or by telephone as soon as possible.
  6. Playing Members who will not be available for engagements are requested to assist with arrangements for replacement players by suggesting alternative personnel from other sources.
  7. Playing Members are expected to have their music parts available at all times for rehearsals and engagements. If, for any reason, a player cannot attend a rehearsal or engagement, he must ensure that his music is forwarded to the Band in his absence, or left with the Band in anticipation of his absence.
  8. Band Members are expected to assist with the setting up and packing away of chairs, stands and other equipment at rehearsals and engagements.
  9. Band Members should arrive at engagement venues by the time stated and wear the full uniform specified. Sufficient time should be allowed for travelling and parking, where appropriate.


  1. Band Uniform is worn for all engagements unless explicitly notified otherwise.
  2. Band Members are expected to dress smartly and adhere strictly to the Band Uniform on all engagements. The form of dress for each engagement will be indicated on the appropriate Band Engagement Sheet.
  3. Band Uniform for gentlemen consists of the Band jacket, white shirt, straight tie or bow tie, black trousers, black shoes and black socks.
  4. Band Uniform for ladies consists of the Band jacket, white shirt, straight tie or bow tie, black knee-length skirt or trousers, black shoes and neutral tights.
  5. Members are expected to maintain and keep clean their Uniform.
  6. Members who are issued with items of Uniform belonging to the Band will be required to sign the Uniform register.


  1. Members who are issued with Band Property, including items of Uniform, will be required to sign the appropriate Property Register on issue of the property. The register will also be signed off when the item is returned to the Band.
  2. Members are expected to maintain in good working order and keep clean any property issued to them.
  3. Members are expected to safeguard any property issued to them.
  4. Members will return to the Band any property issued to them, when requested by the Executive Committee or when leaving the Band.
  5. Playing Members are expected to keep music parts in good order and tidy within the rehearsal and engagement folders.
  6. Members who wish to borrow individual parts of music from the Library will be required to sign the Music Loan Register, and return the music at the earliest opportunity.


  1. Arrangements for Band engagements will be provisionally made by the General Secretary in liaison with the event organisers.
  2. Detailed arrangements for the staging of the engagement and transport of equipment etc. will be made by the Bandmaster.
  3. Band Members are expected to assist the Bandmaster in his arrangements for staging and transport.