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 How to Book the Band

Events and Concert Manager

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and we'll get back to you.


Please let me know:
  • The date you would like us
  • The time
  • The venue and location
  • How long you would like us for

Size of Band: 28-30 players including percussion. This can be smaller, at your request, to fit venue requirements, although our pricing will be the same regardless.

Music: If you have any requests for any particular pieces of music, we will do our best to play them for you. We are able to play a full range of music and styles including, jazz, big band, religious music, marches, classical arrangements, pop, rock, traditional brass band melodies.

Quality: Our standards of playing are high and this is reflected in our pricing. Brass Bands are divided into leagues, like football, there are 5 leagues. Our Band is a lower championship section Band so the overall standard of playing is high. We rehearse for two hours twice a week all through the year