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How to Book Us

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How much do we cost?

Please contact our Events and Concert Manager for more specific information and a quote.

Pricing is dependent on:
  • Time of year
  • Duration of the event
  • Time of day of the event
  • Our costs
Our fees last year ranged from £200-£1,500.

Our quieter times are in January through to March so our charges in this quarter are likely to be lower than in the summer when we are busiest.

The Band is self-funding, no money is paid to individual players for playing.

Fee and Payment terms

The Band can be booked on a fixed fee basis or a profit share. Payment terms are usually flexible. A 50% deposit is required for weddings.

Smaller Groups/10 Piece set

Pricing is the same as for booking the full band.

What does the money get spent on?
  • Instruments
  • Music
  • Running costs